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Dr Ed Davis Elavil vs. Lexapro

Posted by Jason Pollizzi on 8/16/04 at 19:34 (158178)


I have been taking 10mg of Lexapro for 7 months now for depression associated with the constant pain i feel from tibial neuritis in my inner ankle and was wondering if Elavil would be more effective for me? I see Elavil is used for TTS and I actually feel like i am on a roller coaster with this lexapro. Any advice would be apprecaited.

God Bless


Re: Dr Ed Davis Elavil vs. Lexapro

Ed Davis, DPM on 8/16/04 at 21:55 (158187)

It is a hard call because this type of drug has a variable effect. My inclination would be to talk to your doc about a possible switch of drugs particularly if the Lexapro is not doing better for you. Elavil acts as an antidepressant and, to an extent, has been used to ease nerve pain so it is an option.