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To Pauline:

Posted by Dr. Z on 8/16/04 at 22:44 (158194)

I lost your last post trying to find this specific thread that probaby started the entire discussion with United. I too would like to know the why. Why can't United post and place into writing FOR THE PATIENT who wants treatment their policy. What is the big secret.? This is the why that is really the only important why for any patient looking at this offer. I will answer this again. Beware when someone won't place it in writing. If you can't answer this don't bother even responding to this post. It time to stop answering questions with another question. I am serious. My Why is the only Why that posters need to wonder why. So if Pauline answers with another question it time to wonder why cause I am only wondering why for the heelspur poster are you. Hey I think I am a poet

No charge to patient for ESWT, if no insurance coverage?
Posted by Scott Mc on 8/06/04 at 16:31 View Thread
I have arranged for ESWT from a DPM in Billings, MT. As my insurance company will not cover ESWT, I am prepared to pay DPM fee. United Shock Wave Therapies is owner of the Dornier machine. They say that they will bill insurance company and file appeal if (when) turned down. (And, BC/BS will turn them down.) They further state that if they lose appeal, they will not charge me. I have been advised to get this in writing. I have had long discussions with Pam Vukovich and Kathy Serpico at United. They promise over and over that I will not be charged if they lose appeal. They will NOT put this in writing. The DPM seems to want to avoid this issue and will not intervene. So, can I trust United or do I cancel

Re: To Pauline:

Pauline on 8/17/04 at 09:50 (158228)

I'm a little confused by your post because some of the wording is off and I'm not certain the exact meaning of what your saying.

My best guess is that you want me to provide you with an answer to a question that United should be answering, but one that you won't ask them directly. 'why won't they put it in writing'. I hope this is the correct question.

Simply because I defend United's right to do business within the law doesn't mean that I'm their spokes person.

Obviously you have an issue with them putting something in writting. This is YOUR concern not mine and something that YOU and United need to resolve, but one that you seemingly are unwilling to take up with them directly.

If you have proof that United is breaking the law or that their operation is a sham then I personally think you need to be a whistle blower. It's your duty as a medical professional, but my take is that you don't want to confront the people that can actually provide you with an answer to your question, their legal department or their CEO's.

All this nonsense about 'if you can't answer, then don't bother responding' I think is suppose to somehow provide you with infallibility of reason.

The truth of the matter is that you need to contact United to get your question answered and the U.S. Government if you think they are scamming
their patients.

Re: To Pauline:

Dr. Z on 8/17/04 at 10:41 (158234)

Its not my problem. It was a problem that one of the posters brought up.
I could care less what United does, but if a poster asks a question I will answer the question. The question was should I get it in writing. Do you have an opinion and or answer for this poster? There was a poster that got burned in this same situation. Told no charge, received a few thousand dollar bill. This is what I am addressing.

Re: To Pauline:

Pauline on 8/17/04 at 13:17 (158258)

I don't think this long drawn out discussion about United is simply do to the necessity of your response to a poster's question. If that were the case, you'd have given him the answer and dropped the subject.

I think you do care what United does and that is why it's become an issue and a topic on this board. If no one cared, why would it be a topic for conversation?

I don't have an answer for the poster that asked the question because I don't know the 'inside' story on United's ESWT offer. Apparently you do and do not agree with their marketing methods. From your tone and assertions I assume that you may even feel that there is an illegal component to their current operation.

As I said before, if this is true and you have the proof then become a whistle blower and go to the proper authorities.

Prior to MARK L. first offer to inform our readers how to achieve less expensive ESWT, I don't recall one single post about United's ESWT offer. How did we go from MARK's offer, to having a poster feel they needed to get something in writing from United?

My interest now is on the poster, Scott. Did he have the treatment with United and was he billed thousands of dollars afterwards? Perhaps when he returns from his trip he can provide those answers for us.

Re: To Pauline:

Dr. Z on 8/17/04 at 13:50 (158263)

This topic is so old/boring. What is with you and this whistle. You think you know my tone and what I care about???????????. I do know the policy since Dr. Ed faxed it to me. The poster will just have to come back and tell us what happened. Lets go with that suggestion.