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Dr Sandell's patients - Can you stand now ?

Posted by Pete on 8/17/04 at 05:01 (158203)

Just a thought but my pf is aggravated more by standing still than actually walking. I can walk for 30 to 45 mins but could probably only stand still for 10 mins without pain.

Has Dr S helped insofar as you can stand ok now ?

Re: Dr Sandell's patients - Can you stand now ?

DavidW on 8/17/04 at 07:05 (158205)

Pete, my situation is exactly the same. Has any medical professional been able to tell you why the pain is worst when standing still?

Re: yes!

goose on 8/17/04 at 08:10 (158215)

I had that exact problem too- standing was the worst! I always hated standing in any line - I just wanted to sit! Yes, it is much, much better. I stood watching my brother's band play for about an hour before I even thought about my feet. Can't recommend this treatment enough!


Re: yes!

Dr. Z on 8/17/04 at 08:11 (158217)

Do you have any inside contact with Dr. Sandell. I have e-mailed him without any response so far. My e-mail is (email removed)

Re: Dr Sandell's patients - Can you stand now ?

John from MN on 8/17/04 at 08:26 (158219)

I do not think twice about standing anymore. Whenever I would go shopping I would be scoping out chairs to sit down on and measuring the distance between where I am and the handycapped parking area.

Re: yes!

Elyse B on 8/17/04 at 08:44 (158220)

Dr. Z. why don't you just call Dr. Sandell?

Re: Dr Sandell's patients - Can you stand now ?

Marty from SLC on 8/17/04 at 08:58 (158223)


My post 2 posts down talks about this. Dr Dellon says it's what he calls pooling where the blood doesn't flow like it should for one reason of another. This might be a big part of what Dr Sandell is working out in his program. I know if I stand for 10 min my feet feel like exploding. That's the best description I have come up with when I describe my condition to doctors/others.

Re: Dr Sandell's patients - Can you stand now ?

john h on 8/17/04 at 10:19 (158231)

Just a flying guess but when you are standing still I think you may focus on your foot pain more than when moving around. I know that is the case with me. If I get involved in something I tend to think less about my pain. Standing in line sort of tells your feet 'think about me'.

Re: Dr Sandell's patients - Can you stand now ?

Vern S. on 8/17/04 at 11:31 (158241)

I asked my DPM this question. He said movement loosens and warms the foot up resulting in less pain. He said it is similar to how arthritis gets worse if there is no movement. I have no idea whether that is accurate.

Re: yes!

John from MN on 8/17/04 at 12:46 (158252)

I have talked with Dr. Sandell in the past and he said he is open to you coming up and seeing him. I would bring your worst patient along and see if he can improve the situation.

Re: yes!

Dr. Z on 8/17/04 at 13:05 (158256)

Thanks. I can't bring a patient they would need to stay for a period of time

Re: Static vs. Dynamic balance

Place on 8/17/04 at 13:35 (158262)

Yes I can stand longer but when standing you have a static balance and it requires more muscles and tension on your faciia for your to remain upright. Dynamic balance is when you walk/run/ skip, you are using your body weight to propel your forward and it requires less muscles in your feet since you are letting gravity and other body muscles do some of the work. Also, you cut your time on your feet in half since you pick up a foot and balance on the other.

Re: yes!

Pauline on 8/17/04 at 14:13 (158265)

John h. would be perfect.

Re: To John from Mn

Pauline on 8/17/04 at 15:06 (158267)

If we really see this happen it will become more than just nice conversation. I think we are experiencing pomp without the circumstance.

Re: yes!

john h on 8/17/04 at 17:57 (158278)

Yes Pauline I would fly up and gladly be a test subject but does this not take many sessions? Dr Z could even give me another dose of ESWT. Can you imagine TFM and ESWT at the same time? Throw in a martini and a walk on the boardwalk at Ocean City and I am good to go. N.J. is in sort of a state of flux at the moment with there Governor and Homeland Security Chief

Re: yes!

John from MN on 8/17/04 at 19:22 (158282)

john h,

TFM is very painful, but well worth it. Pain is only temporary. Getting plasterd wouldn't be a bad idea.

Re: Static vs. Dynamic balance

Pete on 8/18/04 at 05:28 (158306)

Good answer. Why can't all the pod's I've seen come up with similar comments ?

Re: Dr Sandell's patients - Can you stand now ?

Julie on 8/18/04 at 05:34 (158308)

I don't think it's the mental focus, John. It's as Place says: dynamic versus static balance. Plus the fact that when you're standing, all your weight is on the heel (or arch, or wherever the pain is) all the time. Standing was worst for me, too. I was a very twitchy teacher for several months: my students rarely saw me standing still!

Re: yes!

Mike on 8/18/04 at 05:34 (158309)

Getting plastered but seem a great idea to me !

Re: Dr Sandell's patients - Can you stand now ?

john h on 8/18/04 at 08:54 (158315)

The dynamic vs static makes sense. I did read a medical article this week discussing why pain was sometimes worse at night for some people when laying down for various conditions. It indicated that when the mind did not have anything particular to focus on one would focus on any pain they might have and in doing so it could be worse. This somewhat simulates standing in line with the thought in mind that this will make my feet hurt. I guess there is no one answer to this and it may depend on the circumstances and the individual.

Re: Dr Sandell's patients - Can you stand now ?

Julie on 8/18/04 at 10:40 (158326)

Sure, John, but what I meant was that I don't think it's a factor (or at least not the principal factor) in this case: there are good physical reasons for standing hurting worse than walking. But I agree that focusing on pain can make it hurt worse - and I suppose it could add to the pain on your supermarket line. :)