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It"s all about Choices

Posted by Debra on 8/17/04 at 07:25 (158206)

I have been living with heel PLantar fasciitis and heel spurs for about 10 years and have done all methods of dealing with the pain except surgery and I am about to try ESWT.Most of the feed back get frm the message is negative is there anyone that has a postive experiece with this treatmemt?

Re: It"s all about Choices

Susan S on 8/17/04 at 10:47 (158236)

Yes!! I'm happy to say that it will be 2 years in October and I am basically pain free. It does take a while to kick in so don't expect instant relief. Once the pain is gone, you forget how bad it was. It probably took about 6months before I felt a lot better. Then, the pain gradually left. I never go barefoot, almost always wear my orthotics. My feet get tired when I do a mega shopping day, but they are always recovered by the next day. It's the best money I ever spent. Go for it!

Re: It"s all about Choices

Debra on 8/18/04 at 07:45 (158311)

How many treatments did you have?The reason I ask is because I have to pay for this out of pocket.It seems that some pepole on the message board have had this done a few times.

Re: It"s all about Choices

Susan S on 8/18/04 at 09:35 (158318)

I only had it done once. I had to pay out of pocket also, but my Dr. said if I needed additional treatments they were included in the price. Luckily I only needed to have it done one time. I put heat on my foot every night for 20 minutes for about 6 months. I think alot of people on this site expect too much too soon and want to start running and biking right away. My suggestion is to take some time off and smell the roses. Maybe I am the lucky one, or maybe people who have had success don't read the message board anymore. I just want to give hope to those who want to try it. It can and does work, but you have to give it time. I was discouraged at first, but it did eventually work, it's a slow healing proccess. Good luck!

Re: It"s all about Choices

Ed Davis, DPM on 8/18/04 at 19:18 (158363)


It is important to understand that visitors/posters here probably do not represent a cross section of the population with PF out there. People on these boards are here primarily because they are in pain and still looking for a solution. Only a few who are cured stay around.

I look at the studies but more importantly, look at my treatment results and compare that to those of colleagues. ESWT is overwhelmingly successful when used properly, in the right patients. Nothing is 100% successful though.

An important thing to consider is that ESWT is not a 'stand alone' treatment but is often used in combination with the various modalities necessary to address the causes of PF -- please see Scott's Heel Pain Book to help see the 'big picture.'

Re: It"s all about Choices

Janice N on 8/24/04 at 10:14 (158616)

I had it done once. It seemed to have helped some.
But I have more than one problem with the right foot.
It has been about four months since I had it done.
I would do it again if it had been paid for by Medicare. It was supposed to be preapproved but after I had it done it was denied. Then denied again.
I am able to walk more than I was. When you think about it this is just a small number of persons who post here. If your problem is solved then most won't post. Some here are cured, others have a reduction of pain who had it done. I tell you though the day I wasn't hurting 24 hrs a day no matter what I did or didn't do was just great. This past weekend I had a bad flair when the weather was so bad. I am far from being cured. But it was worth it to get any kind of relief.

Re: It"s all about Choices

Karen A. on 8/27/04 at 20:14 (158839)

I am interested in ESWT after trying most everything else except surgery. I live in the South and would have to travel to the East. I would probably also have to pay out of pocket. None of the information states an approximate cost of one treatment. About what does one treatment cost?

Re: It"s all about Choices

Dr. Z on 8/27/04 at 20:57 (158841)


We have been using ESWT for the pasat five years. This is a very effective treatment for chronic heel pain. If you would like additional informaton just e-mail DR. Z at footcare@ comcast.com. We will be happy to send you ESWT information including all fee information

Re: To Karen It"s all about Choices

Pauline on 8/28/04 at 17:28 (158886)

You might also want to check this website that was posted before. I understand that United Shockwave is suppose to provide less expensive
treatment according to Dr. Ed. and MARK L.

Maybe they have a doctor in your area. Make certain that you do your homework prior to having treatment. Check everything out from doctor to cost.


Re: It"s all about Choices

Janice N on 8/29/04 at 12:15 (158917)

In Houston it was $1,000. for the one treatment plus the cost for the podiatrist to inject your foot to numb it. I think the podiatrist would work with his charges. And you might be able to get a break with the company who does the ESWT. It never hurts to ask.

Re: It"s all about Choices

Connie H on 9/17/04 at 10:14 (160049)

Janice N. I am interested in where you got your treatment in Houston. I'm looking for a more affordable option than I've been offered. I live about 4-5 hours away from Houston, so I'd appreciate a name. Please email me at (email removed). Thanks!