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Posted by lilly on 8/17/04 at 08:02 (158213)

I have been diagnosed with tts after PF for several years. I recently had nerve conduction studies including the needle tests (OUCH!) with the results being said to be 'consistent with tarsal tunnel syndrome'. I just had an MRI of Both feet and ankles. My pain is almost the same in both feet. the results say the my left foot and ankle are normal. My right foot shows decreased fluid in the sheath and tendinitis in the tibialis (i think anterior) tendon that is presumably due to my accessory navicular. I have known for several years about the accessory navicular...if tendonitis is the problem, why do both feet have the same burning, tingling, numbness going on? Can you offer any insight to the results? and will and MRI necessarily confirm TTS? thank you for any clarification.


Dr. Z on 8/17/04 at 08:10 (158216)

The tendonitis ( swelling) could be pressing on the nerve in your feet. MRI will confirm any mass, cyst, vien that may be pressing on the posterior tib nerve. Nerve conduction testing are very subjective and in some cases may not confirm and or diagnosis TTS.