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?????? Why?

Posted by john h on 8/17/04 at 10:34 (158233)

In Little Rock this week we had a very bizarre murder/suicide. A 31 year old Doctor who was Chief Neuro Surgery Resident at the largest teahing hospital in Arkansas. She was only 5 months from completing her 5 yr residency and was a Harvard graduate. By all accounts brilliant. Her husband was in his third year of his residency at the same Hospital but had received permission to take a year off to train for the olympics in the tripple jump. He was a contestant in the last olympics and held many collegiate records. He was also a brillant student while at the U. of Arkansas. He was from NYC. This weekend he came to the hospital dormitory covered in blood and went to the roof. The police responded but he immediately jumped 10 stories to his death without saying anything. His wife had not reported for work so the police went to report her husbands death to her at their home. They found her stabbed to death. All their close friends and teachers had never seen any signs of trouble what so ever. He had failed to make the olympic team but told everyone it was no big deal that he gave it his best shot and was ready to resume his residency at the hospital. He was an African American. From her picture she appeared to be white but may not have been. If this was a factor no one was aware of it. Two gifted people gone for ever and perhaps we will never know why.

Re: ?????? Why?

Dr. Z on 8/17/04 at 10:55 (158237)

We have an incident where a neurosurgeon shot his wife and then for a few hours held the police at bay. Strange world