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Help I don't know what to do

Posted by lisa71 on 8/17/04 at 12:05 (158245)

I am eighteen years old and have had pain in my arch for about a year now. I first started to have pain suddenly while running one day after not having exercised for a few weeks. After I was done I found I could not walk on the arch of my foot and limped around for the next month. My condition would worsen with increased aerobic activity for about six months until it got to the I could hardly walk with out feeling a dull pain. I got orthodics from my doctor who said it was plantar facitiis but the same process has occurred over the last six months. Initially the pain completely left but now it has come back even while wearing the orthodics pretty much all the time. It would worsen after increased aerobic activity. I do take them off to take a shower for example but mostly they are worn. The pain is primarily in the arch and occassionally around the edges of my heal. Is this normal? I have heard of a ruptured plantar facial. Does it sound like this could be the problem because most of the websites I have read have said it happens primarily in women who are over thirty and overwieght (I am 15lb over so I hardly think that could be it) and have a desk job. Well if anyone could give me any help on treatment or what else it could be it would be helpful. Perhaps I did not allow the foot to heal. What are your other personal journeys with treatment of this condition. Thanks alot