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question about orthodics

Posted by z.g on 8/17/04 at 14:10 (158264)

im having a pf in the right foot for about a year
i have orthodics, but when when im walking with them , i feel a small pressure in my arch and also in achiiles muscle/legament, it is a 'small' pressure i feel also in my healthy foot, but i feel it more in the right foot
How do i know if this 'pressure' is normal ?
how should i feel with the orthodics? (like im walking without them?)

Re: question about orthodics

lisa71 on 8/17/04 at 17:04 (158277)

Hmm I might be the type of shoes you are wearing. When I first got mine I felt the same thing in my tennis shoes and had to get new ones and now they feel fine.