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Stretching in a pool

Posted by phil on 8/18/04 at 09:59 (158321)


I know stretching is one of the most important treatments, and I figured out a way to stretch which minimizes risk of reinjury.

What I do is I go into a pool about 3.5 feet deep and do the straight knee stretch while holding on to the side of the pool. I got some thick rubber flip flops made by Teva at sports authority and I wear them as I do this. The idea is simple: in a pool you put a lot less weight on your feet.

For the bent knee stretch I dont find it necc. to lean forward as much, so I put one foot down, cross my other leg so my ankle is on the knee of the leg that Im stretching, and just lower my body weight down onto that foot, again holding the side of the pool.

hope this helps you!

Re: Stretching in a pool..or maybe hot tub?? is it harmful?

Linda V. on 8/18/04 at 16:08 (158356)

i also figured water is a good healer..i have access to a hot tub (about 101 degrees) and am trying some stretches in there. also might set up my ice nearby..and try 20 minutes heat, 20 minutes ice...UNLESS someone here tells me it might cause more problems..