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what questions ask doctor

Posted by lisa71 on 8/18/04 at 10:07 (158323)

I am going to get a second opinion tomorrow about PF. My other podoatrist took X-rays and gave me orthotics and told me to come back if the pain worsened. He never mentioned night splints or stretching or what the cause of the PF was so I don't know if he was looking in my condition in the right manner.

What signs should I look for that this is a good doc for PF and what types of questios should I ask him. Thanks again.

Re: what questions ask doctor

Julie on 8/18/04 at 10:51 (158329)

A good podiatrist should examine not just your feet, but the whole of your lower extremity. He should ask questions about any other problems you may have, such as low back issues, which could be related to what is going on with your feet. He should evaluate your gait (the way you walk) by watching you as you walk on a treadmill. This will determine whether you have any biomechanical abnormalities, such as overpronation (the foot rolling in too much) which could be corrected by custom orthotics. He may even video you while you walk, and then you can watch the video with him and he can explain what you're seeing.

Then he will put all the information together to arrive at a diagnosis, upon which he should then base a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses whatever is causing your problem.

I hope this is helpful.

Re: what questions ask doctor

john h on 8/18/04 at 11:29 (158334)

Julie: My small athletic shoe store where I go does look at your gait. Will film your walk,look at your feet, and offer his advice. He and his wife are long time class runners. My first POD took x-rays, had his needle ready, and was casting my feet before I could say good morning. It was not Dr. Z but a local Doctor.

Re: what questions ask doctor

lisa71 on 8/18/04 at 12:52 (158341)

Wow my doc didn't do any of that. He just asked if I had arch pain. This was very helpful. Thanks.