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Electronic Stimulation

Posted by Keith on 8/18/04 at 13:10 (158346)

Has anyone tried or heard of anyone trying to use electronic stimulation on Heel Spurs?

Re: Electronic Stimulation

Linda V. on 8/18/04 at 16:05 (158355)

i was just researching someone in my area (NH) who does graston technique. he emailed me today and told me that as well as this technique, he also uses electrical stimulation and ultrasound to help reduce the inflammation in the area. he is a chiro...never been to one before in my 50 yr life..but i am willing to give it a try if my insurance company gives me the ok.

Re: Electronic Stimulation

john h on 8/19/04 at 09:37 (158400)

Ultrasound and electrial stimulation are typical types of treatment used for PF and used by Physical Therapist,Chiropractors, and others. Most Physical Therapist would use the same type of treatments.

Re: Electronic Stimulation

john h on 8/19/04 at 09:38 (158401)

Yes. Felt good but did not help in the long run. this is not to say it might not help with others.