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unna boot drainage

Posted by Gord on 8/18/04 at 23:13 (158384)

I have been wearing an una boot for about 12 weeks to correct a stasis venous ulcer. the wounds shrunk dramitacly from several inches to just a few pin prick scabs .. today i noticed dried blood/drainage on the bot . this hasnt happened for a few weeks now .. should i be concerned ?

Re: unna boot drainage

Dr.David Wander on 8/20/04 at 08:42 (158454)

Drainage from venous statis ulcers is not uncommon, in all stages of healing. The drainage is not a concern if it is clear, blood stained or clear yellow. If there is pus or odor, it is a definite concern. However, this is a question you should be asking the doctor that is treating you.