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Heel pain - not plantar fasciitis

Posted by shayna h on 8/19/04 at 15:04 (158425)

I injured bottom of my heal. stepping on a rock of some kind barefoot. felt a popping and then a pain shot up through my leg. Hurt for a while then I attempted to ignore but tried to take it easy and care for. After 4-6 weeks started having increased pain, some plantar fasciitis symptoms such as problems with putting foot down in morning with great pain and throbbing by end of day. I never wear heals or improper supporting shoes. I am athletic but do not overtrain. I'm not a runner. I play soccer and racquetball and weightlift. I mostly wear good supportive athletic shoes or sandles with arch supports. I do not like wearing any shoes that cause discomfort to my feet. Never a corn, no distoreted shaped toes. Went to a doctor after another month to get in. diagnosed PF. sent me to therapy which helped with swelling (using a gel with sonogram type machine. They tried taping which cause me more pain immediately. Sometimes walk on ball of foot to prevent pain. I have never had any arch pain. Pain in heal is in one spot. Hurts when pushed on that spot but not anywhere else on foot.Looking at pictures posted my injury seems a bit back from PF location. sort of center of PF location and achilles tendon on inside right of left foot. What can I do to help this heal. Is there a floating bone in heal that could be injured. I am in my 40's and have been active continuously for 15-20 years. No new sports have been started. Where can I go from here. Thank you

Re: Heel pain - not plantar fasciitis

Julie on 8/19/04 at 16:16 (158429)

Hello Shayne. I'm not a doctor, but I want to ask you if you have been checked out for possible fracture(s)? I suppose the injury could have caused PF, but after a trauma like the one you describe I'd want to be sure that all the other things it could be have been ruled out. Have you had Xrays, or any other tests? If not, I would suggest you go back to your doctor, or to another doctor, and ask for tests to be done.

Re: Heel pain - not plantar fasciitis for julie

Linda V. on 8/19/04 at 17:28 (158431)

as i watch these message boards..i realize what an angel you are to try to help so many people..and with very sound advice from my standpoint. you don't try to play doctor...you offer conservative advice and emotional support. thanks from all of us.
signing up for a kriplau (sp?) class starting in september..AND am currently highest bidder at $1.50 for 3 vhs pilates tapes. can i go wrong??
have a nice weekend...linda v

Re: Linda

Julie on 8/20/04 at 02:20 (158446)

Thanks, Linda - that's really nice of you. I think we all have a responsibility to put our experience and whatever knowledge we have to good use, and several folks who have recovered from their foot problems are still here and are doing that.

I hope you'll enjoy your Kripalu class - and good luck with your bid!

All the best to you,


Re: Linda - PS

Julie on 8/20/04 at 14:22 (158473)

Linda, yoga is usually practised in bare feet, but of course you will need to wear your shoes. When you go to your first class, you should tell the teacher about your foot problems, and explain that you will need to wear shoes whenever the class does standing postures. If she is a good teacher, she will understand, sympathise, and accept. If she doesn't, you should look elsewhere for a teacher who does.

Also, remember that you are responsible for yourself and for what you do in the class. There may (probably will) be things that the teacher introduces that are not suitable for you. Be aware at all times of your body, and the messages that it gives you, and don't be afraid to ignore an instruction, leave out a posture, or sit down and rest if you need to. Again, a good teacher will not only understand, she will encourage you to do this, and respect you for it.

Re: Heel pain - not plantar fasciitis

HelenEC on 8/20/04 at 17:01 (158482)

Just from experience - I'm not a doctor, so can only recount my own experience - I think a 'single point failure' type injury is more likely to heal up than a degenerative injury. Stay off the feet - these things don't heal because we don't stay off the feet. When on the feet, ensure through support heel to ball of foot, avoid prolonged periods on hard surfaces standing or walking, and no sports that require foot impact. Non weightbearing yoga stretches are better than weightbearing exercise. Swim if you need to keep fit.

It could take four to six months to heal. There are no quick fixes out there.

Re: Heel pain - not plantar fasciitis to Shayna

Tina H on 8/22/04 at 10:02 (158532)

Shayna- An almost identical thing happened to me 4 years ago only I stepped on a hard dog bone. My family doctor offered no help over a 6 month period, but after going to a podiatrist who finally ordered x-rays and an MRI, I was diagnosed with pf due to injury. He made custom orthotics, (dynasport) and after wearing those everyday and stretching the pain was gone in about 6 weeks and has never(knock on wood) returned in that foot. Unfortunately I now have a very persistant case that those same orthotics don't seem to be helping very much in my right foot. Of course I'm not trained medically and maybe yours is not the same at all but it sounds so similar. My pf pain due to sudden injury, also seemed to migrate and different areas would hurt where as the pf I have now,not due to sudden injury, seems to hurt in the same spot, more classical. Good Luck. Tina