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damage from corn remover

Posted by anna o on 8/19/04 at 23:15 (158444)

I used a corn remover to remove 2 corns. It removed the two corns but left the skin where the corn were discolored, and I think those two spots have a different texture form the rest of my skin. Its been like this for over a year. It doesn't hurt at all I just hate the way those two spots make my toes look. Any suggestions?

Re: damage from corn remover

Dr.David Wander on 8/20/04 at 08:51 (158455)

In my practice, I highly discourage the use of over the counter corn removers. These 'corn' removers contain acid. The acid is supposed to 'dissolve' the corn. However, the acid can not tell the difference between good skin, bad skin, corns, etc., and burns everything. I've treated severe infections caused by these chemicals.

Patients with dark pigmented skin often are left with a darker discoloration as a result of the use of these acid chemicals/patches. You should see a podiatrist or dermatologist. Sometimes the superficial skin can be debrided or smoothed down to reveal 'normal' looking skin. Next time you have a painful corn, visit a podiatrist.