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TTS Questions

Posted by heatherj on 8/20/04 at 02:50 (158447)

I am going to a podiatrist for a second opinion/help with TTS. What questions/tests does a good podiatrist do? For instance, I have a family history of both diabetes and (low) thyroid problems--isn't this something that the doctor should be aware of? I also had a very bad leg/hip injury from a fall about three years ago (opposite side of body of TTS). Although physical therapy helped immensely, I still have pain. I am wondering if that injury could have affected my gait and actually caused the development of TTS on the opposite side of my body (with occasional severe stabbing pain in the mid calf area as well as my foot). One last question, what is a good exercise for people with TTS--I am gaining weight because I am unable to walk very much without horrible pain afterwards--this is so hard since I am used to being active. I forgot to mention that I was a runner for about 5 years but haven't done any running since 1997.