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comminuted fracture of the calcaneus

Posted by KUJohn on 8/20/04 at 14:21 (158471)

On June 6, 2004 I had surgery (9 screws and plate) to repair a comminuted fracture of the calcaneus.

My fracture has healed nicely and I have very little heel pain, but I have severe ankle pain that is extremely painful if walking more that just a little ways. I received my ASO ankle support this Wednesday hoping that it would allow me to back semi back to normal but I have the same ankle pain.

Is the ankle pain normal with this type of injury and do I just need to tought it out while it heals or is there a long term issue here?

Re: comminuted fracture of the calcaneus

Susan S on 8/20/04 at 17:32 (158485)

Ouch, that sounds painful! I'm not a doctor, just someone who broke an ankle 13 years ago (9 screws, no plate). Have you been to MyBrokenLeg.com? There are a lot of people to talk with there.

Re: comminuted fracture of the calcaneus

Dr. Z on 8/21/04 at 07:05 (158497)

You could have damage to the ligments, or the ankle joint itself. Your type of fracture is a very difficult problem Did you have an mri ?. If not get one if the AFO doesn't help

Re: comminuted fracture of the calcaneus

Dr.David Wander on 8/21/04 at 07:55 (158498)

An MRI may not be possible due to all the 'hardware' that is in your calcaneus. This may cause too much interference with the magnet of the MRI, depending on the hardware material. You should speak with your surgeon regarding the ankle discomfort. I'm sure that with the calcaneal fracture, you've been immobilized for a long time, therefore you may need physical therapy for the ankle. If you have no heel discomfort you are very fortunate, because a significant number of these injuries result in chronic heel pain.