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Scar tissue

Posted by Kristie on 8/21/04 at 19:07 (158516)

I had PF release surgery in May. I was wondering does scare tissue every go away completely? My doctor seems to be very conserned about it.

Re: kristie is not raymond

Kristie on 8/22/04 at 09:10 (158528)

This is Kristie. I did have surgery in May and was recently told by a massage therapist that scar tissue never goes away. That I will always have to have massages and work on making my foot playable. I was wondering is this true?

Re: Scar tissue

john h on 8/22/04 at 13:02 (158540)

Just a guess but I seriously doubt that all scar tissue will or can go away. It probably can be moderated early on through massage techniques to a point where it may prevent problems but to completely get rid of it would appear to be a medical miracle. Scar tissue can be beneficial because if we did not have it after surgery or injury what would we have. It is part of the healing process. Unfortunately in many places like the back it can cause problems like pressure on a nerve.

Re: Scar tissue

Pauline on 8/22/04 at 17:46 (158546)

My thinking is similar to John's. I don't think scar tissue ever goes away completely. Having said that, I caution you about having additional surgery to get rid of your scar tissue. Don't rush into another surgery,
if one is suggested, until you get all the facts and do your homework.

Scar tissue begets scar tissue. It's a natural process of the body to heal itself.

In the future, scar tissue may not be such a problem for us anymore. Researchers are developing a new medication to try and stop scar tissue from forming. It would interupt the bonding process of cells that form scar tissue. The current research is being done to help keep tubes open
after delicate eye surgery. Scar tissue is very damaging to this surgery right now causing a good deal of failure.

I posted a short article about this new and exciting development. Hopefully we will see it being used in the near future following all surgeries. It would be especially helpful in the foot too because of the small surroundings in which scar tissue develops following foot surgery. Too much scar tissue for the space.

Re: Scar tissue

Buck T. on 8/22/04 at 19:36 (158553)

Hi Kristie: It may take a little longer than four months to see how much scar tissue goes away.

Also, there is an excellent injection the POD can use to dissolve it. Ask the Docs here.

And, try to massage around the area, and then when soreness lessens, massage in the sore area. Might buy an electric foot massager, one that gives a good massage. Time the massage, don't guess. Do five minutes at a time. Am rambling, but let me know if you need more. Been there.

Sincerely, Buck

Re: Scar tissue

Barb C on 8/24/04 at 22:25 (158648)

Hi Kristie,
I had open realse on both feet about 2 years ago (July & October). I have just the faintest lines that almost blend in with the natural creases. There is absolutley no raised area.

I was non weight bearing for the first 4 weeks, then the next 4 weeks still on crutches with limited pressure. After the first 4 weeks my doctor had me message the scar with plain ol' vitamin E cream. I did that nightly for about 2 months.

Be paitient - take it easy (let pain be your guide). I would say it took about a year for me to completly heal. But I am 100% cured.

Take care.

Re: For Barb C.

Kristie on 8/25/04 at 08:34 (158659)

Thank yo so much for your info Barb. It gives me a lot of hope. It sounds like our doctors did very similar treatments. It too was in a cast for four weeks and addition four weks with crutches.

Pain is definitly my guide; excpect I think I over did in in the gym on Monday and still feeloing the pain. Hopefully it will calm done soon and that I didn't do any major damage.

I too am thinking about having my other foot done. How was getting around after the second surgery? How was walking on only your recently repaired foot?
Thanks. I'm so glad to hear that your doing so well.

Re: Scar tissue

Kristie on 8/27/04 at 16:40 (158822)

Thanks BUck,

My Dad bought me a foot massager from Brookstone. Great Idea. Thanks.

Re: splinter in foot/scar tissue

suchitra on 8/31/04 at 20:24 (159070)

Hi all!

This message board has been so helpful. More than anything it helps me when I get really desperate about my foot. I had surgery an year ago to remove a piece of glass that was lodged in the ball of my foot for two months and shattered inside. Everything was great for the past year, and then suddenly for the past two months a pebble-like callous has formed there - scar tissue. No kind of shoes seem to help, and altering my walk so as to not exert pressure on it makes my whole foot and leg hurt. I've been massaging it with some regular body butter. So first question, should I use a different cream, and should I massage it in a certain way(circular etc). Second question, the callous is pretty small but painful nonetheless. Will it ever completely go away, or will it keep flaring up from time to time? Third question, has an altered walk affected anyone's toes?

In my country, we rarely wear more than flipflops, and often are barefoot. Can I go back to that ever? It's really troubling, seems like there's nothing I can do about it. If anyone could answer any question or all, I'd be really grateful


Re: splinter in foot/scar tissue

Julie on 9/01/04 at 02:22 (159076)

Hi Suchitra

I'm guessing, from your name (and your flipflops) that you're in India.
I've spent time in south India (Tamil Nadu, mainly) on four occasions. On the first of these (before I had PF) I wore sandals and flipflops most of the time, and got a nasty infection from a tiny thorn that lodged in my little toe. So I know what you mean: there's a price to pay for that wonderful feeling of freedom that comes from liberating one's feet from their bonds/shoes!

Are you quite sure that this new callous is really scar tissue and not a bit of the glass missed in the surgery and now trying to work its way out of your foot? Or maybe something else, picked up since the surgery? It would be a good idea to return to your doctor and ask him or her to check that possibility out. It does sound to me as though there just might be a foreign object inside your foot: the intense pain you describe sounds more like that, and possibly an infection, than an ordinary callous would create.

If it is just a bit of scar tissue, you could try massaging it with Vitamin E oil. It's best to use Vitamin E capsules, if you can get them: snip the end off a capsule, squeeze out the pure oil, and massage it vigorously in a circular motion. You could also try an essential oil, such a lavender oil, which promotes healing - 10 drops in a small quantity (about 100ml) of a carrier oil.

Altering your walk will affect your feet, ankles, knees, hips and lower back, so to avoid a multiplication of problems, it's important that you get this sorted out. See your doctor, and let us know what happens.

Re: splinter in foot/scar tissue

Suchitra on 9/02/04 at 16:39 (159180)

Thanks a lot Julie! I did check with my doctor about a piece og glass potentially still being in there. The X-ray shows that there's nothing. And, the docs ruled out a potential wart because it doesn't look like a plantar wart in any way. Any other kind of infection was also ruled out, because the wound had closed up a while ago, and it had been fine for a long time. I will try the Vitamin E oil. Meanwhile, my friend spoke to his doctor about me, and he said that a plastic surgeon would be able to remove it in a way that more scar tissue would not form. I don't know why a regualr foot surgeon might not be able to do that. That's the last option anyway.

Re: splinter in foot/scar tissue

Julie on 9/03/04 at 03:05 (159204)

Hi Suchita

I think plastic surgeons are probably best at removing scar tissue, so if continued massage doesn't help, perhaps that's the way to go. At least you wouldn't have to have your foot opened up again. My sense of this is that it should be dealt with without too much delay, because of the way the pain is affecting the way you walk, with the possibility of knock-on problems higher up, for your joints and lower back.

See if you can get some of the cushioning pad stuff that Scholl make, and cut out a hole in it for the callous. That should take some of the pressure off it as you walk. Of course you would have to wear shoes to keep the pad in place - sorry about that.

I would also suggest that you do another post, outlining your problem, on the Ask the Doctors message board. I'm not sure how you found this one, but it is the Social Board, which the doctors who help on this website don't always read, and it's at the bottom of an old/dead thread. You might get some useful advice from Dr Z. or Dr Ed or Dr Wander. I know it's complicated - in fact, I think what I'll do is post our exchange there now. Stand by for more responses, and good luck.

You didn't answer about India. Is that where you are? Where?

Re: splinter in foot/scar tissue

suchitra on 9/07/04 at 22:14 (159533)

Yep I'm from India. Thank you so much for writing again. I found this board by googling 'scar tissue'. I'll check out and post on the other board also now. By the way, I bought a new pair of shoes and the pain is not so severe, because the bottom of the new sneakers has taken a better shape around the callous, as opposed to my old shoes which were depressed in a certain way already. I bought the Vitamin E oil today. I keep forgetting to get the dougnut pads though. Thanks again!


Re: splinter in foot/scar tissue

Julie on 9/08/04 at 02:52 (159543)

Best of luck, Suchitra - let us know how you get on.