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towel exercise

Posted by lisa71 on 8/21/04 at 19:36 (158520)

Is using a towel or belt on the ball of your foot a good stretch if you do it gently. I've heard that the wall and step stretches are bad for your pf so I was wondering about this one.

Re: towel exercise

Buck T. on 8/23/04 at 09:38 (158577)

Hi lisa71: The towel stretch is a standard prescribed by most PODs and physical therapists. I was in small precentage who could not do it. If it hurts you go go something else. I switched to yoga and other things.

Sincerely, Buck T.

Re: towel exercise

Cyndi on 8/25/04 at 21:58 (158710)


I use a towel on my feetand leg stretches before I get out of bed in the AM and also I stand on a handtowel rolled up in my arch area in the shower. It gives alot of support to stand on.

Yes, be gentle and stretch lightly, no pain, just to warm up muscles.

I wear a sandel till have coffee and wake up. Some of these days lately, it is very hard even to put on a sock, but I have no Am pain out of bed.
Atipical, I believe I have if I have PF at all. NO real good name for what is wrong yet?

Re: towel exercise

Julie on 8/26/04 at 07:30 (158718)

Using a towel or a belt around the ball of the foot is a similar exercise to the 'plantar fascia stretch' which you'll recall was discussed the other day: the one in which you cross your ankle over your opposite thigh and pull your toes towards you. Using a towel or a belt creates a stronger stretch. Use your judgement as to whether it is a good stretch for you. If I recall correctly, you said the other one hurt you.

Don't neglect to check out http://www.foottrainer.com for a clear explanation of why most of the stretches usually advised for plantar fasciitis (including the towel stretch, I think) are incorrect.