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Has Anyone Experience These Unusual Sensations?

Posted by Darlene on 8/22/04 at 09:16 (158530)

The sole of my left foot has become very hypersensitive. If I walk on a carpet barefoot, it feels normal to my right foot but it feels like the carpet has been starched with my left foot. It's almost abraisive and I seem to be able to feel every little fibre.

What do you think?


Re: Has Anyone Experience These Unusual Sensations?

Ann L on 8/22/04 at 17:18 (158544)


I can't remember if you've said you had tts surgery or not. But, I've had similar experiences, especially when my feet are really tired. This happened before surgery and started again once my nerves started 'waking up' since surgery. When they feel overworked, I can't stand to have anything but my thick fuzzy slippers on my feet when I'm walking.


Re: Has Anyone Experience These Unusual Sensations?

mary l on 8/22/04 at 23:04 (158571)

Before tts started I only walked around barefoot. I have had surgery on my left foot and I say I have improved 30-40%. But I feel everything with this foot. It is so sensitive. I feel more comfortable with a shoe on but a lot of the time I still walk around barefoot. The foot is still numb and after standing the burning starts. I still hope for more improvement (5 months post-op)

Re: mary l

Darlene on 8/22/04 at 23:11 (158572)


May I ask about the reason for your tts? Where did you go for surgery and what were your expectations? I'm glad t hear that you have already seen improvement and you are only 5 months post-op.


Re: mary l

mary l on 8/23/04 at 21:19 (158597)


I really don't know what the cause of my tts was. I can speculate that it was a combo of things. First I have very narrow feet. Secondly that I have been a Pharmacist for 26 years and have always worked in very busy stores so I would never get a chance to sit. I also liked to work long hours (11 to 13 hour days) and less days. I hated sneakers so wore the wrong shoes most of my career. I only have it in my left foot and I think that is because of the way the pharmacy was laid out that I would rest my right foot on the computer putting all my weight on my left foot more of the time. Because of my job I feel I may have jumped into surgery too fast. I wanted a quick fix like my carpel tunnel surgery 8 months prior. Prior to surgery I had a lot of numbness. I could not move the 3 smallest toes and I hated that feeling. My MD is in the Washington DC area, I guess I don't know if he is really good because I am not 100%. I am 30 to 40% better and hope to improve as each day comes. I am working. I stand on my feet all day but now work 6-8 hours a day and more days. I go to sleep with an ice pack on my foot at night and that seems to help. I have new orthotics and I am breaking them in slowly. A few days ago I had a really bad evening because I kept them on too long. I take Neurontin and it helps a lot, without it I would have a lot more pain. As others have said it is a life change but I am still not ready to give up my old life so I keep pushing. Good Luck to you!

Re: mary l

Darlene on 8/23/04 at 22:03 (158600)

Mary - thank you for sharing this information. Did they find an obstruction or just tight quarters? I too have very narrow feet. I was told by a neurosurgeon that my body type is more susceptible to nerve compression problems. I have very narrow wrists as well as ankles.

Could you move your 3 smallest toes now? Is the pain in your ankle area or the sole of your foot?

Since you are a Pharmacist, what do you think about Neurotin transdermal cream?

I hope you continue to see improvement. Please let us know.

Take care,


Re: Has Anyone Experience These Unusual Sensations?

Johnn on 8/24/04 at 06:00 (158608)

I also hate wearing anything on my feet, but the hypersensitivty is so bothersome not really as much painful. I have been trying accupuncture for my TTS, in a last ditch effort to fend of surgery. I was wondering if anyone has tried accupuncture for their TTS and their results. I went about 5 times (once a week) and i have been seeing a gradual improvement. my pain was about a 6 (1-10) in my left foot and about a 4 in my right. I would have to say now my left is probally a 4 and right a 3. I still cant walk comfortably barefoot on concrete yet, but heck summer is almost over anyhow, and the cold seems to help more anyway.I will keep everyone posted on my experience with accupuncture, because I know the frustration and pain you all are dealing with. Have a great day everyone.

Re: mary l

mary l on 8/24/04 at 23:20 (158651)

There was no obstruction just a tight area, the MD feels he got a good release though. I do have really narrow feet and ankles. When I was pregnant I also had edema which may have eventually helped the problem. I have carpel tunnel in both arms (surgery on one only so far). Every time I feel a little twing in my right foot I get scared that I am developing something in it. I can only pray.
I can move my toes now, it took about 3 months post-op to get to where I was pre-tts (toe movement). Sometimes I get sharp pain in the ankle but mostly pain on the bottom of my foot. It is always numb but if it is a bad day or I have done too much or walked barefoot all day my foot burns and then just hurts real bad. It just hurts to put weight on the foot. Ice packs work well.
I have to say I had not heard of Neurontin transdermal cream. No patient has come into the pharmacy asking about it or presented a prescription for it. If I find any info about it I will let you know. Good luck to you!

Re: mary l

Juls on 8/27/04 at 17:00 (158826)

I got a script for a topical cream for my tts from my ortho..

I can read what is written on it and what the gel contains as it is clearly typed out.

I am to go to a certain pharmacy and get this filled, I suppose it is a pharmacy that the dr. has lined up for this special mixture of cream. Perhaps you can get it thru mail??? I don't know.. but here is what is on the script

Gaba Keto D 145 Neurogel (check if needed) ____ Add Flurbiprofen 4%

Contains: Gabapentin 1%, Ketoprofen 4%, Diphenhydramine 5%, Pentoxifylline 2% in neurogel base.

apply a chocolate chip size amount to area direced rubbing in well up to ____ times a day

maybe you can get your dr. to write this out for you..

Re: mary l

mary l on 8/28/04 at 11:59 (158865)


Could you please give me the name and # of the Pharmacy so that I can call them and get the specifics from them on how to make it. Thanks