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Doctors - Confusing MRI Interpretations

Posted by Darlene on 8/22/04 at 09:26 (158531)

First of all I would like to thank you for taking the time to help up all on this board. Thank you!!!

My MRI report said that I have an enlarged accessory muscle in my tarsal tunnel in the plantaris distribution.

A second radiologist took a look at it and said that I have an accessory soleus muscle which is enlarged, but not in the tarsal tunnel.

I do have altered sensations on my foot - numb great toe, heel pain, ball of foot pain (also morton's neuroma - in 2nd and 3rd webspaces).

I'm wondering what you make of all this? I don't want to rush into surgery, but I'm not very mobile right now.


Re: Doctors - Confusing MRI Interpretations

Dr.David Wander on 8/22/04 at 10:49 (158537)

You need to have the radiologists work this one out. An accessory soleus muscle is a condition I have seen and read about in the literature, and the accessory muscle in the 'plantaris distribution' is not a condition I've seen. The plantaris muscle is a muscle that runs parallel to the Achilles complex. You need to speak with the radiologists and your doctor.