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Plantar Fasciitis Right Foot / Heel

Posted by Ronk25 on 8/22/04 at 20:54 (158559)

Hi, I'm a golfer. I'm 60 years old and used to walk and carry my bag up until this year. Now I ride a cart (really sucks) and my weight is up 15 pounds (reduced exercise) and my heel absolutley kills me after 18 holes. It's kind of like a doom loop because I can't exercise very easily so I have put on extra weight (15 lbs) and the extra weight doesn;t help the tendon. I suspect that the twisting motion of the right foot - after I hit the ball accentuates the problem and irritates the tendon. Can you recommend anything that would help relieve or reduce my post Golf Pain? I really really love playing golf but my participation has been drastically reduced this year - too much pain! Afterwards i ice and do hot water with Epsom Salts and that seems to help. But, as soon as i golf I'm right back to where I started from.

Thanks, Ron

Re: Plantar Fasciitis Right Foot / Heel

Ed Davis, DPM on 8/23/04 at 22:04 (158601)

I assume that you are referring to pain on the bottom of your heels which could be plantar fasciitis. Have you had a doc look at your heels?
Read Scott's Heel Pain Book for more information on plantar fasciitis.