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stretching exercises

Posted by SusanC on 8/22/04 at 22:01 (158567)

What are some excersises to help with plantar fascitiis?

Re: stretching exercises

Mike W on 8/23/04 at 09:49 (158578)

Hello Susan,

You should check out my website http://www.foottrainer.com for some exercises that can really help you. You will also find incorrect exercises which are considered standard PF exercises that can do more harm than good.

I hope this helps you.


Mike W

Re: stretching exercises

Linda V. on 8/23/04 at 16:43 (158589)

..i think stretching exercises may have to depend on the depth of the injury...i did the standard ones..calf stretching by leaning on the wall, etc..and it seemed to make it worse. i think its cuz i am REALLY tight and hurt. i am doing better with the gentle non-weight bearing ones (the pull back toe with hand supporting the arch) that i learned from one of these message boards. i think even the towel stretch was too much for me at this point. i have an appt tomorrow for a 'medical massage'..she will evaluate me and thinks its likely she will not even TOUCH my feet until she has released my leg muscles. here's hoping..

Re: stretching exercises

Julie on 8/24/04 at 01:06 (158606)


Most people find it best to avoid weight-bearing exercises, which can put too much tension on the plantar fascia and make the problem worse. The foot trainer is very good for strengthing the muscles of the feet. You can also check out some simple yoga foot exercises on this site: click on the word yoga.