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Again Please Help Feet Pain ADVICE

Posted by Michael on 8/23/04 at 23:35 (158604)

Please help me I have been in contant pain going on two years. The bottom of my feet are in horrid pain not even for a minute has the pain stopped. The doctors are puzzeled why the pain. I cry many times not knowing why the intense pain. I take OxyContin with little relief. I feel so bad for my wife having to watch me suffer daily. My whole life has changed I just cannot do nothing. No one understands how rough it is to live in contant pain. There are days I just want to die. Why live if you have to be in contant pain and can't do nothing. Everything I do is in pain, everything. Please help me I just don't know what do with my life. My doctors are of no help no test no nothing but pain meds. Again please help me. Thanks with all my heart. email (email removed) Home Phone 626 335-8929

Re: Again Please Help Feet Pain ADVICE

Dr. Z on 8/23/04 at 23:55 (158605)

There has been no testing, ie mri,ncv, x-ray?

Re: Again Please Help Feet Pain ADVICE

R C on 8/24/04 at 06:27 (158609)

Some background might help us to come up with specific suggestions.
Are you on your feet all day at work?
Was this an acute injury, or did it creep up on you?
Worse in the morning?
Seen a podiatrist?
Are you carrying excess weight?
Numbness, pins and needles, burning pain?

Re: Again Please Help Feet Pain ADVICE

john h on 8/24/04 at 10:53 (158617)

Michael: We have had people on the board in much the same situation you are in. Eventually they found ways to reduce their pain and get their life back. There is no one solution for this pain if it is Plantar Fasciaitis pain. Most have found ways to reduce pain by trying the many options suggested by others and Doctors who regularly post here. First step is to to see a specialist (Podiatirist or Foot and Ankle Orthopedic MD) and get an accurate diagnosis. If you do have plantar fasciaitis there are many things you can begin with Let us know your diagnosis and by who and how many Doctors have you seen. People do get well or well enough to function so recognize you are not alone. I have had PF for nearly 9 years and come a long way from when this began.

Re: Again Please Help Feet Pain ADVICE

Cyndi on 8/25/04 at 21:45 (158708)

Michael. please hang in there as it does take a long time. I am in the same boat, that my Dr's can find no reason for my pain. when really bad I use ice, either frozen water bottles while here at computer, or Ice bags and a towel if on sofa or in bed. This will masak the pain but not heal it. Just helps to get thru the bad times. This certainly does change our life, I do nothing anymore but stay home and hurt. I have a second nerve conduction scheduled for tomorrow.

My Dr said he may have to refer me to a pain specialist at one time. another problemn for me and stressful is I can no longer work and the financial DR bills are horrid. I just have $30 co-pays and 20%out-patient pay. Like I will owe the hospital $100 tomorrow and then $30 when I see Dr for results and it does not grow on trees.
My husband spends his off days shopping( I do go ride the cart with him )
and cleaning the house. He has been wonderful support but I have had this since Feb and I had no Idea I would still be here now. And some folks talk of years! Woowow, just know you are not alone in this. These boards have helped me alot to know others ways of dealing and unbelievable surgerys and healings periods to go thru also.
We will get thru this together.

Re: Again Please Help Feet Pain ADVICE

Michael on 8/26/04 at 21:58 (158769)

Hello R.C the pain just started one day about 19 months ago and has never stopped. I do have ankle clonus and spacisity. My nerve doctor thinks the pain is from poor walking mechanics the feet are broken down. I only have the burning pain no numbness or pins and needles. I am 54 years old weigh 110 not overwieghted at all. I have seen a podiatrist but having the ankle clonus he was lost. The pain is always worse in the morning when I wake I have tried night splints no help. I am on disability because of the ankle clonus and my legs being spastic. I take baclofen for that. The pain is not from an injury the pain just started. Again none of the doctors which I have seen have made a diagnosis. Over the months I have tried it all, the heating, icing, taping, stretching, massage etc but still in screaming pain. Thanks for the response, Michael My Phone 626 335-8929 Need all the help I can get.

Re: Cyndi please call me tired of PAIN

Michael on 8/30/04 at 00:24 (158942)

Cyndi please give me a call at 626 335-8929 0r email me at (email removed) or leave me your phone number I need to talk to someone. Thanks, Michael