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Mary I- STANDING 6-8 hrs. 5 months post op is my dream !

Posted by Geri on 8/24/04 at 12:33 (158622)

I marvel at your progress!! I know it has not been easy and you have made changes to your lifestyle. I am a ret. nurse, runner and all the bad stuff for your feet. I am 10 months post-op no found cause except tight tunnels in 3 places. I cannot stand in one place for more than a few minutes and can not walk more than 5 minutes at one time. If I do more--I suffer terrific pain when I sit down. I've been trying to decide what kind of Doctor to see. Most of my pain is in my arch. A cramping burning pain when it gets riled up by over use. I now take 300 Neurontin 2x a day and this does not have enough effect. I missed a dose a week or so ago and had terrific pain. I have not been to any Doctor except my Internist since I was dismissed by my Dellon trained surgeon. Your note has been inspirational and made me rethink my need for a different Doc. Good luck and God Bless.

Re: Mary I- STANDING 6-8 hrs. 5 months post op is my dream !

mary l on 8/24/04 at 23:31 (158652)

I read posts on this message board and I am thankful that there are people who care and take the time to pass on info, inspire and console. I am happy that the progress that I have made, though small to me seems big to others. Thanks to everyone.
Geri, have you talked to you MD about raising the Neurontin dosage. 300mg did nothing for me but the 600mg 2-3 times a day works. I also find that most of the time I do better standing than sitting. I just can not get comfortable.
I hope things get better for you!