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Question for the doctors, pf and ptt

Posted by Christine M on 8/24/04 at 19:45 (158643)

What are the diffences and similarities in symtoms between plantar fascitis and posterior tib tendonitis?

What are the differences in treatment?
Thank you!

Re: Question for the doctors, pf and ptt

Ed Davis, DPM on 8/25/04 at 20:36 (158702)

Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation and pain on the bottom of the foot, most often near the heel -- see the Heel Pain Book. The posterior tibial tendon is responsible for holding up the arch so if the foot is rolling in too much it can place strain on the post. tibial tendon while overstretching the fascia at the same time -- thus the connection. If excess rolling in of the foot (overpronation) is the issue, then use of orthotics can be very helpful.