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Posted by Jill H. on 8/25/04 at 08:15 (158658)

If Mike W. could tell me what exactually the foottrainer devise does I would really appreciate it. Thank-you

Re: Foottrainers

Mike W on 8/25/04 at 09:51 (158664)

Hello Jill,

Foot Trainers are a devce that allows you to perform 14 exercises that isolate toe/foot and lower leg muscles. All of the exercises are performed in a safe non weight bearing position and can be performed in your bed before the first step (to stop first step pain).

I developed the Foot Trainer exercises because I had PF and found many of the traditional PF exercises to be physiologically incorrect.

Most muscles work in pairs. In the feet there are flexors muscles that flex your toes/feet down away from your body and extensors that extend your toes/feet away from your body. If you contract your extensor muscles then you automatically RELAX your flexor muscles.

Most people with PF have short/tight flexor muscles and typically weak extensor muscles. If you strengthen your extensor muscles than you will automatically relax the flexor muscles. This is what the Foot Trainers exercises do.

If you go to my website you will find more info.

I hope this helps you.


Mike W