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sharing experience of treating PF

Posted by mike10570 on 8/25/04 at 10:14 (158666)

I would like to share my experience of treating PF. Of course, what works for me may not work for you since everyone's body may react to the same treatments differently. You should consult with your dr before each treatment. Since I learned a lot from this website, I would like to share my experience with others. Note that the pain level is only for my own relative feeling and reference, it has no absolute value.

(1) April, 2003: pain in the bottom of my right foot after tennis game
Did not seek immediate treatment. Thought my body would recover itself after rest. Later on, felt a lump was developed in the bottom of the right foot. (pain level = 10)
(2) end of June, 2003: travelled to Asia. Friends took me to see an acupuncturist twice. Seemed to help relieve pain a little bit. But no cure at all after two treatments. From here on, only sports shoe. No more dress shoes. (pain level = 9 after accupunctures. Pain level=10 after travelling back to the US and carrying heavy luggage)
(3) early July, 2003: came back to the US. Went to an orthopedic dr. Was told this was PF. Prescribed VIOXX. Took it for 4 weeks. NOthing improved. Tried various shoe pads and ortho pads with no success. (pain level = 10)
(4) early August, 2003: Started physical therapy. Immediately felt improved after the 1st ultrasound. However, improvement leveled out after a few times of ultrasound. Better than what was in early July, but improvement seemed to be saturated. (pain level = 8)
(5) Learned to tape my foot and tried various kinds of shoes. Taping really helped. (pain level = 6)
(6) end of August, 2003: started Iontophoresis which seemed to work for me after 3 treatments. Note this was not Iontopatch. Two electrodes were wired to a machine to adjust current level. Also tried DMSO for about 10 days. Not sure how much DMSO helped. The lump in the plantar continued to exist.(pain level = 3)
(7) early Sept, 2003: Travelled to overseas again. No more ultrasound and iontophoresis. Continued icing and taping. At this stage, I could walk with taping and a pair of nice sports shoe. The lump still there even after rolling massage with a golf ball for several weeks.
(8) From Oct., 2003 - present: continue with taping, avoid dress shoe. Walked about 30 minutes every day if I could. Now the pain is almost gone with a well cushioned sports shoe. Still feel very uncomfortable with dress shoe. But at least I could walk with sports shoe. The lump is also getting smaller even though it is not completely gone.

Recently I had tennis elbow. I tried ultrasound and iontphoresis with iontopads. I still haven't seen any improvement after 3 treatments by a physical therapist. What works for my plantar may not work for my elbow.

Re: sharing experience of treating PF

carol B on 8/25/04 at 14:12 (158682)

What all did they do in physical therapy? Was the ultrasound direct or was it done in water? How can I learn to tape my own feet?

Re: sharing experience of treating PF

mike10570 on 8/26/04 at 09:39 (158724)

Mainly the physical therapist did for me were ultrasound, icing, and iontophoresis. I could do hot and ice massage at home myself, but I don't have ultrasound and iontophoresis equipments at home. The ultrasound used was a direct contact on my skin. You can learn taping by clicking on 'the book' from this website.