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How to break in Powersteps

Posted by Kathy G on 8/25/04 at 15:26 (158686)

My husband is having a problem with the metatarsal area of his foot. The Pod didn't use the term, fallen metatarsal arch, but it seems as though that's what he was describing. He has seen him twice. The first time he gave him a three-quarter insert and the second time he gave him a shot of cortisone. That was back in April. His foot is still bothering him. My son wears Powersteps and my husband tried them and thought they might help. He just received them from Scott - very fast shipping, by the way! - and now he's wondering how long he should wear them. Should he wear them all day? He finds them to feel good.

Thanks for any input you have. FYI, he's not strange like me; he seems to have a normal body:) . When I got orthotics, the doctor had me wear them fifteen minutes a day and increase it by five minute intervals until I felt less pain.

And he does have another appointment with the Pod in the beginning of September. He just found my son's Powersteps to be so comfortable. My husband doesn't have PF, thank God, but my son did and it's under control.

Do you think my daughter stands a chance of having normal feet???

Re: How to break in Powersteps

lauriel on 8/25/04 at 15:51 (158687)

Any kind of orthodics should be worn a short period of time when first starting out, depending on how good they feel, so maybe half an hour to an hour then work from there. Some peole can just put tehm and and spend hours on their feet though, but I think its best to go slow, I have powersteps and I am still brekaing them in


Re: How to break in Powersteps

Richard, C.Ped on 8/27/04 at 07:59 (158786)

As with any new support to the foot, there should be a small break in period. This allows the muscles to get used to being held in the new position. Listen to your foot, it will let you know when it has had enough for that day.