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TTS post up update at 18 months, positive note

Posted by lauriel on 8/25/04 at 18:21 (158697)

Thought I would give an update, I had TTS surgery 12/02. my symptoms were very different than most TTS sufferers. when I walked it was like someone giving me in electric shock in the inside of my ankle. some shoes it would happen with every step, others occasionally, I had rigid orthodics made for it 2 years prior, but then I could hardly walk the obbtom of my feet hurt so bad (I think my orthodics gave me PF) so I stopped wearng them. I finally resorted to surgery, posted all of my recovery here if anyone wants to do a search. I am fully recovered from my TTS and surgery, but has taken almost this long to fully recover, I still had the shock, but not as much and it was a milder dulling shock, Dr said this was normal and would eventually go away, well it did a few months ago and I finally have most of my mobility back.

What is depressing is I am battling PF now, but getting better with that, I think my cause of both is the mechanics of my feet.


Re: TTS post up update at 18 months, positive note

Carol D on 8/26/04 at 15:15 (158741)

Hi Laurie,
Thanks for sharing your current situation. I am now 15 months post-op. I am almost entirely symptom free. I am on no medication---yea!! Before surgery, I had extreme burning on the ball of my foot, with even minimal use, and took high dosages of neurontin. The cause was a tumor on the nerve, which surgery removed. I have been amazed at the length of the recovery. I never again experienced shocks or burning pain, but I did experience weakness and 'tiredness'. Those symptoms have disappeared except when I do too much (ie 5 aerobics classes in 1 week). There is hope for a much better life after surgery for many with TTS.

Carol D

Re: TTS post up update at 18 months, positive note

Pauline on 8/26/04 at 15:58 (158745)

Since successful surgeries with TTS are sooo difficult and there seem to be so few of them, I'd highly suggest you post your doctors name, address and phone number for anyone looking for a new doctor.