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foot pain

Posted by millie w on 8/27/04 at 01:26 (158775)

i would love to know what happened to my poor aching foot! i had a heel spur removed from the back of my heel and the dr said my ankle was deformed so he was gonna fix that too while he was in there. well this was about 4 yrs ago and i have been in nothing but moderate pain since. i have been back to him several times only to be told he doesnt know why im having pain, and that the heel spur has not returned.is there any suggestions you may have to HELP!

i only wish to be pain free!
millie williams

Re: foot pain

Dr. Z on 8/27/04 at 02:18 (158777)

Have you gone for a second opinion?. Have you had an mri.? This surgical procedure can only improve your foot, there are very few patients that obtain 100% pain relief. This is why we stopped using surgery for this condition and use only ESWT

Re: foot pain

millie w on 9/06/04 at 19:52 (159447)

Dear DR Z
no i have not yet! but i am soon.i have so much pain now that i can hardley manage by the end of my day.i went to my primary doc who thought it look like alot of scare tissue built up, so she is making a appointment with a pod.what will the mri R/O ?
and i thank you so much for this board and your help,i am at witts end.