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Heel Spurs

Posted by PetaP on 8/27/04 at 07:07 (158780)

Hi, I am a 33 year old Australian mum to a 4 year old. I have had plantar faciitis and heel spurs on both feet for nearly 12 months. I am unable to walk at times and have to use crutches sometimes.I am currently having physio and I feel It's taking foever to get the inflamation down. I am in need of some support as I don't know of anyone who has gone through this. It's a terrible thing to have when you have a small child and wondered how others get on. Thanks.


Re: Heel Spurs

john h on 8/27/04 at 10:43 (158799)

PetaP: One thing in Australia that is really inexpensive compared to the U.S. is ESWT. This is an FDA approved procedure and you may be a good candidate. There are several types of ESWT machines including low power and high power. The last time I talked to one your ESWT providera in Australia a high energy treatment was only a few hundred dollars. I think less than $300. In the U.S. the same procedure would cost $2500 - $3000. I may still have his eMail address as he was a regular poster on our board a few years ago. This is a non invasive pretty much pain free procedure. He had a mobile machine and traveled around a region of Australia. Do a search on your computer of ESWT providers in Australia. There are probably many. I am reluctant to post his email but I just found it so if you will email me I will email it back to you. He works for a group of Doctors snd is one of the most informed people I have ever talked with on ESWT. His name is Allen Gottliebsen. Email me at '(email removed)'

Re: Heel Spurs

Tina H. on 8/30/04 at 11:42 (158976)

Peta- This condition is a real curse. I really sympathize with you and feel the same way. I think I might be turning the corner, but only because after printing out just about everything on this web site, I have a pf routine. Maybe you've tried all this stuff but I'll tell you what's helped me. Wear a night splint as long as you can stand it at night, even if it's only until 3 am. The one that I use is not bad, A-Force. I'm able to wear it all night. Keep good shoes(slip on Birkenstocks) by your bed and put them on anytime you get out of bed in the middle of the night. Before getting out of bed in the morning I massage my feet, calves and then stretch. As soon as I get up I put on my custom made orthotics inside Brooks addiction walking shoes. I just had EWST so for now I don't take anti-inflammatories, but talk to your Doctor about the best one to use. Bextra works so well for me and is reported to be easier on your stomach. Sometimes when my feet really hurt during the day and I can't sit down, I switch shoes. I guess this is just a matter of different pressure points. When the pain gets really bad you have to forget about the housework. My standards have really relaxed in this area. Try swimming, or deep water jogging, with out the feet touching the bottom of the pool. I wear my Birk sandles to the edge of the pool. At night use ice, and a foot creme with arnica. I use one made by Bayer Corporation called Dermal Therapy. It has all kinds of soothing stuff like arnica,vitamen E, calendula etc. On days that are really bad, like yesterday after coaching my field hockey team for 4 hours on my feet, I ice for 15 min, heat for 15 minutes then ice again. Also you should stretch although I think that's an individual issue and it's best if you get expert advice for that depending on your flexibility, feet etc. Anyway sorry for this long post but I so feel your frustration. I tried to ignore my pain for a long time and now I really regret it. Maybe you've tried everything I suggested but if not maybe some of this will help you. Also the ESWT is reported to be helpful, although for me, I'm still waiting. I have a friend who is a doctor in France and he says in France they tell people not to expect improvement from ESWT until a minimum of 4 weeks after the procedure and maybe not until 12 weeks. This is what I'm experiencing, it's been 6 weeks and I'm seeing some minor improvement but not much although I like you, can't stay off of my feet all day. So as the other poster suggested, maybe check out ESWT, it's helped a lot of people. Good Luck and feel free to vent. There are alot of people here who relate!

Re: Heel Spurs

PetaP on 9/05/04 at 22:17 (159382)

Thanks so much Tina. I am willing to try anything. I to have printed all the stuff from this site and I hope to try to find some relief. I have been away and while I was away I found some heel spur pads to wear in your shoes at the local chemist. I have been wearing them and I feel a little better, still hard to walk in the mornings or after a day on my feet, but they are worth the try.

Re: Heel Spurs

PetaP on 9/05/04 at 22:18 (159383)

Thanks John I will email you. I am interested to know more about ESWT.