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Foot surgery gone wrong?

Posted by Kristie on 8/27/04 at 08:53 (158789)

I had PF release surgery on May 7th. I have been doing great. So well in fact I was thinking about having my other foot done. But in the last three or four days. I have had terrible foot pain as well as sciatic pain. So bad it has woken me up and I haven't been able to sleep.

I but myself back on crutches hoping it will help and I'm back to ice and staying off my foot. Also, I'm back on pain pills and anti-inflammatories. Has this every happened to anyone else out there or one of your patients? I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday. Thanks for your help

Re: Foot surgery may have made the other foot worse

Dr. Z on 6/09/04 at 08:21 (152501)


I would get out of the cast and enter a physical therapy program asap. Water therapy should be included. Make sure that a stress fracture has been ruled out in the non-surgical foot

Re: Foot surgery may have made the other foot worse

Kristie on 6/10/04 at 09:54 (152631)

Thanks for the advice. The cast came off last week and I started PT. I go twice a week now. The doesn't seem like they want to treat the non-surgical foot. I don't think it's broken just a huge PF flair up or a heel spure. How can I tell if it is a heel spur?

Re: Foot surgery may have made the other foot worse

Dr. Z on 6/10/04 at 12:45 (152652)

An x-ray will show the bone

Re: Foot surgery gone wrong?

christyw on 8/30/04 at 00:44 (158943)

I had EPF on August 17th. I have done fine with mine so far. I would like to hear about your surgery and how everything went. Was you in a cast? I had mine done on a Tuesday and I had to get a cast put on on Wednesday. I found it wierd that the doctor didn't give me any crutches. He told me to take it easy though. My mom stayed with me so I guess that's why he didn't give me any. Then after 10 days he put me in a walking boot(which is just as bad as a cast.) I think I have to wear it for 2 weeks then I can get in my shoes. I have had some pain with mine but nothing I can't deal with. Please let me know how yur went and I hope yours get better.

Re: Foot surgery gone wrong?

Kristie on 8/30/04 at 11:10 (158969)

The surgery for the most part was fine. I woke up after surgery with a plaster cast on. I crutches the entire time. I felt great having my foot in a cast. No weight on it felt great thought I was a little tired from the surgery I guess.

After four weeks the cast came off and my foot was so swollen. I think I was a size thirteen, I couldn't get my foot into a shoe for about five-seven days. I thought once the cast came off I would be instantly healed. That's when I had to start going to PT and get the swelling down and work the foot back into shape. I scheduled a PT appointment for the day after I had the cast taken off; which I thought worked out great for me.

Over all it hasn't been bad. I was expecting a lot worse and the pain has never been as bad as life with PF. It's just a slow recovery. I guess if it was an arm injury we could put our arm in a sling and be done with it----but we do everything with our feet.

After the cast came off it took a month before I could walk completely without crutches. Then I could walk for only about forty minutes, then an hour then two hours a day. Now I can walk for about three hours without problem. Exercise has been great. I've been doing mate bases pilates a lot because all the excises is on a mate. It took about three/four before I could go back to the gym. And I tell all the instructor that I just had foot surgery and can't do everything.

My doctor gave me the best advice if it hurts don't do it but otherwise you should be fine.

I did have a set back last Monday. I have been doing way to much. I think I was just o excited to have my old life back. The set back is painful but better than life before PT. I just hope I didn't do any permit damage. I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday which I'm looking forward too.

Some things that I thought helped: a chair in the shower and a hand held shower head to get cleaned up. Elevate your feet to keep down the swelling. And after the walking boot comes off massages. Everything hurts afterwards because your walking differently and then foot massages to get down the swelling and break up the scare tissue.

Best of Luck

Re: Foot surgery gone wrong?

christyw on 8/30/04 at 18:06 (159001)

Thanks for the info. The doctor said I had alot of swelling after surgery but I keep my foot elevated and used ice. When I went back saturday he said that alot of my swelling was gone and that my stiches looked really good.

Re: Foot surgery gone wrong?

Les on 8/30/04 at 19:23 (159014)

Also LOTS of ice...as much as you can stand to keep the swelling down. I did not have a lot of swelling and I attribute that to LOTS of ice!

Re: for ChristyW

Kristie on 8/31/04 at 07:51 (159021)

Glad to hear your doing so well