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Plantar Fasciitis - a "condition" under ADA

Posted by Sue C on 8/27/04 at 09:10 (158792)

My employer will not let me buy a rug for my hard-surfaced office floor--to me this seems 'reasonable accommodation' under the ADA - if in fact the ADA defines plantar fasciitis as a medical condition. Case law?

Re: Plantar Fasciitis - a "condition" under ADA

John King on 8/28/04 at 13:10 (158869)

If you PF affects your ability to carry on major life funtions then you might be a qualified disabled person. Ask your employer in writing to accommodate your disability. If he won't do it the second best thing is to file with the EEOC. If you are serious I would consult with a discrimination lawyer about the reprecussions since once you get serious your employer is not going to like you anymore. This stuff is all legalistic and the law comes down on the side of the employer most of the time.