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PF and Tingling Feet

Posted by Kitty on 8/28/04 at 08:27 (158854)

Has anyone experienced some tingling in their feet after they have been on them for a while?

Re: PF and Tingling Feet

Susan S on 8/29/04 at 10:58 (158910)

Kitty, I have PF, and when my feet feel a little worse than usual due to overdoing walking or standing, I will also have a little tingling at the same time. Another poster said the same thing a few months ago also.

Re: PF and Tingling Feet

Kitty on 8/30/04 at 17:24 (159000)

I believe I have had PF for about two years. For the past three weeks it has been really bad. After this episode began the tingling came on. It actually goes up into the front of my calf. Strange. My pod. says it is normal. I don't know if I TOTALLY believe him. But I feel better that you have it too sometimes. Is yours just in your feet?

Re: PF and Tingling Feet

Darlene on 8/30/04 at 21:42 (159015)

Tingling is usually related to irritated nerves. The front of the calf may follow the course of the posterior tibial nerve. Perhaps the doctors could clarify. I feel I need to get an anatomy book to figure this all out.


Re: PF and Tingling Feet

Kitty on 8/31/04 at 05:32 (159018)

Does that still relate to the PF symptoms in my feet? Thanks, Kitty

Re: PF and Tingling Feet

Susan S on 8/31/04 at 09:00 (159025)

The tingling is just in the soles of my feet. But I've also had PF a little over 2 years and the tingling just started a couple of months ago.

Re: PF and Tingling Feet

Darlene on 8/31/04 at 11:23 (159027)


This is a good question for the doctors.

Have you altered your gait due to the pain? This may be putting pressure on the posterior tibial nerve.

Re: PF and Tingling Feet

Kitty on 8/31/04 at 20:08 (159068)

Tingling started in my feet only. Now it comes and goes in my feet but sometimes in my calves. Ugh....this all is so strange. I feel like it has to be from the PF since the tingling started after my most recent flare up. Who knows. I wake up every day hoping that today is the day the tingling stops. Maybe it will be tomorrow. Thanks for you support.

Re: PF and Tingling Feet

Julie on 9/01/04 at 01:54 (159074)

Kitty, Darlene is right. Tingling is generally a symptom of nerve involvement - in this case the posterior tibial nerve. I suggest that you post your question, maybe with a bit more information, on the Ask the Doctor board, in case the doctors haven't seen it here.

Re: PF and Tingling Feet

lisa71 on 9/02/04 at 17:26 (159185)

Occasionally if they are really bad. Also sometimes when they are still for a long time.