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arthritis / heel spurs / plantar faciitis

Posted by Jenny on 8/30/04 at 15:01 (158989)

My dr said I had heels spurs and plant fac. after he looked at my foot x-ray. he showed me the heel spurs. and said I have lots of arthritis in my feet. I am only 34 years old.

The reason I went to the podiatrist was for ANKLE pain. I don't really have pain in the heels but in the ankle ???? He suggested a 350.00 pair of orthodic in steps. I cannot afford to purchase them.

Should I get a second opinion? I feel he wanted to sell me somthing rather than help me!


Re: arthritis / heel spurs / plantar faciitis

Pauline on 8/30/04 at 15:49 (158995)

I'm not a doctor, but what I think is that you need a very complete evualation and a diagnosis from a doctor that you trust whether its the one that you saw or a new one.

Orthotics are used for specific reasons and if your pain isn't related to one of them perhaps you don't need orthotics. Thats why a good evualation and examination and diagnosis is so necessary.

If you indeed have a lot of arthritis in your feet you might consider seeing an M.D. or D.O that specializes in Rheumatology to confirm this diagnosis by looking at those xrays and doing blood tests if necessary.

If that is confirmed he may have a good referral for you to a doctor that you'd feel comfortable with whether it be another Pod. or and Orthopedic M.D. or D.O. that specializes in Foot and Ankle.

The most important thing I think, however, is getting a good evualation by a physician you have confidence in and trust. Sometimes that doesn't mean jumping ship, it means more open communication, but in your case from your post, it just doesn't sound like you made a bond with your first doctor and you know thats ok.

As for trying orthotics many people have posted here that they like the type of orthotic that Scott is selling on this site. It's certainly a lot less expensive than have custom ones made so you might also consider giving them a try.

In addition a good understanding of Plantar Fasciitis is important so take time and read Scott's heel pain book on this website. It will provide you with lots of information and help you to understand the type of pain associated with P.F. and heelspurs as well as tell you conservative treatments that you can try. It will also help you to formulate questions should you return to your doctor or find a new one.

Re: arthritis / heel spurs / plantar faciitis

Jenny on 8/30/04 at 17:00 (158998)

Thanks so much for your opinion. I am going to make an appt with my family physician and see if he can refer me to a specialist / orthopedic dr. or a practice that specializes in feet/ankle.(as you suggested)

I am thinking about possibly trying those orthotic here on this site after doing some more reading / research.

Thanks again!


Re: To Jenny arthritis / heel spurs / plantar faciitis

Pauline on 8/31/04 at 07:54 (159023)

The following two posts are ones that you should take note of. You mentioned arthritis in your original post. Perhaps the orthotics you were wondering about are not needed if your P.F. episode is associated with inflammation caused by arthritis. Seeing your doctor and having him confirm lots of arthritis in your feet might give you another piece to the puzzle and help you find out why you have ankle pain. It's probably possibe to have your pain caused by both a systemic and mechanical problem. Thats why you need a good doctor to sort this out for you.

Linda brought up an interesting point to consider.

'Re: any changes in lab values?? wbc or esr view thread
Posted by Dr. Z on 8/31/04 at 07:28


Very good question. You could have a sed rate elevation with a systemic disease such as Lupus, RA., that is associated with an episode of plantar fasciitis. Most likely with mechanical induced classic plantar fasciitis this lab value would not increase'.
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any changes in lab values?? wbc or esr view thread
Posted by Linda V. on 8/31/04 at 07:25

because the itis in plantar fasciitis means inflammation...i wonder if it would cause a change in white blood cell count as in colitis or pancreatitis...or the erytrho sedimentation rate (esr) as in arthritis??
just wondering...thanks'

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