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Posted by DaveSab on 8/31/04 at 14:56 (159032)

I developed Plantar Fasciitis in early June, I'm an elite athlete, and I was forced to withdraw from an international competition because of this.

Over the summer, I have tried absolutely everything... Doctor gave me stretches, and icing to do. The physio gave me a TON of stretches and strengthening exercises. Another doctor told me to get orthodics ($375.00!!!!!) which I did. I also got a nightsplint... Another one told me I needed the steroid injections and I'm very glad I found the solution before I had to result to that!!

OSTEOPATHY!! In Quebec (Canada) where I live, there aren't very many, but the one I did find in my city is absolutely amazing!!! Similar to Physio but they specialize in MANUAL therapy (no ultra-sound and junk). I went for my first appointment, they twist and stretch and contort you into weird positions, but I immediately noticed a HUGE improvement. Apparently, it continues to work and get better even days after the appointment. I returned one week later for another appointment with even better results this time! I can walk without a limp or any pain...I can jump, and even jog without any pain!! She told me I can resume my training later this week and that she will only need to see me 2 more times for the problem to be solved!

I wish I would have found this first! I actually thought my athletic career was over...but now I'm excited and confident that I will be back to training painfree!

Definately find out if this is available in your area. OSTEOPATHY/OSTEOPATHIE

Hope it works for you too!


lauriel on 9/01/04 at 12:51 (159091)

that is great news, I used to go to an osteopath for my back and I loved th Dr. sounds like what you are having done is similar to what a few people have recently posted here thlat has helped them a lot. I cant remember hte name of the method, but a chicro does it and they strech and pull the feet and I think they also do deep tissue work.



Ed Davis, DPM on 9/01/04 at 15:35 (159106)

Actually Dr. Hiss was a famous osteopath who specialized in feet. He paracticed from the 40's through the 1960's past the age of 90. he wrote a 3 volume set of which I just have a mimeographed copy. Few DO's wanted to listen to him because they felt that they wanted to be more like MD's. Podiatrists avoided the techniques because they were determined not to be lumped in with Chiropractors. His system of osteopathic manipulation of the foot was passed down to Rue Tikker, DPM of NAPA, California who retired but is willing to teach anyone willing to listen. I spent 3 days with Rue, learning and practicing the manipulation techniques. I am far from a master of the techniques, still don't understand exactly how and why they work but for some reason, they do. I am sort of a 'nuts and bolts' type of person and will incorporate anything that works into my repertoire of treatments. I have to admit to underutilizing the techniques since I am still struggling to understand why they seem to yield results and reconcile the 'scientific' training I have recieved that
does not support there use.


Darlene on 9/01/04 at 22:14 (159129)

We have a podiatrist here in Toronto who is also an osteopath. He keeps the two practices totally separate though. I've gone to a different osteopath here and they focussed more on the back and neck than the feet. What type of foot manipulations are done?


DaveSab on 9/03/04 at 14:44 (159243)

She hasn't done many actual foot manipulations...mostly my hips and lower back. I also have 2 exercises that have help too! The first one is the 'pretzel stretch' lying on your back, legs crossed over each other and pull your knee in towards your nose, and the one one is lying on a Round pillow or a roll up towel (firm) placed under the lower back with knee bent - I do this for about 15 minutes. It has helped me out so much. Also... a Homeopathic cream called TRAUMEEL seems to work very well in relieving the little pain I have left, but hopefully with my remaining few treatments it will be all gone!

Hope this helps you out.



Ed Davis, DPM on 9/05/04 at 01:25 (159352)

I can only speak for the Hiss system of manipulative therapy. There are about 7 standard manipulations. Without a means of demonstration or illustration, they would be difficult to describe in words.