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411 on Mahatmelissama

Posted by Mahatmelissama on 8/31/04 at 15:19 (159033)

I thought I'd might give you all an update on me (some of you may remember me).

I posted on her some years ago in so much pain from PF and Morten's nerumoma (sp?) that I literally was having trouble sleeping from constant foot pain and leg muscle spasma.

Well, after losing 45 lbs. (taken me 3 years)...orthotics, accupunture, Chiropractor (PT)...stretching...ice in the beginning...I am slowly getting better.

I went to Vegas a month ago and walked EVERYWHERE. Yes, I died a small death waiting in the buffet lines on the solid floor. But I did it. Something I was not able to do before.

I wear these expensive sandals that say 'THINK!' at the bottom with my orthoics. They work out the best for me. I now can go grocery shopping without much fear, I don't have to rush myself through and pray for a short line when I get to the front. I remember when I had to order everything online.

I have some new orthotics for closed shoes (they just don't work in sandals) that I must graduate to someday. I intend to in Sept. (go to footstore, bring them with me and try to buy shoes that are good with them.

Anyway, nice to see you all.



Re: 411 on Mahatmelissama

Kathy G on 8/31/04 at 16:19 (159046)


I'm so happy to hear your good news! And congratulations on the weight loss! If you take it off at that rate, it will probably stay off!

Yours is the kind of story that everyone on these boards needs to hear. I can remember when you were upset because the lines in the store were just too long for you to stand up and you'd have have to leave behind things you were buying.

And to think you went to Las Vegas and walked around! Way to go!

I'm so happy for you! Thanks for letting us know how you are and may the progress continue! :)

Re: 411 on Mahatmelissama

Julie on 8/31/04 at 16:26 (159049)

Lots of us remember you! I'm so glad to hear your good news, Melissa. Keep it up, and keep posting.

Re: 411 on Mahatmelissama

john h on 9/02/04 at 10:55 (159161)

Mahatmelissam: How nice to hear from you and that you are much improved. Yes it has been a long time. Many of the same old people are still here and still getting older.