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PF surgery in May...terrible pain now

Posted by Kristie on 8/31/04 at 15:40 (159040)

I had PF release surgery on My 7th. I was doing great: bike riding, going to the gym, driving a little. It was the best summer I have had in the last three years because of PF.

Last week my foot starting bothering me and I had terrible sciatica pain. The sciatica pain is under control but the foot hurts a lot. The arch is very tight and inside part of my foot were the heel and the arch meets has a very sharp pain the runs up the leg. I can't stand on my foot for any length of time. The pain is to terrible at times I get sick to my stomach.

Has this ever happen to anyone else who has had PF release surgery? I feel the same was I felt before the surgery. I see my doctor tomorrow. Thank God.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you

Re: PF surgery in May...terrible pain now

Pauline on 8/31/04 at 16:09 (159044)

Sounds awful, I hope your doctor can get to the bottom of your problem quickly.

Re: PF surgery in May...terrible pain now

Dee C on 9/01/04 at 15:13 (159099)

Oh yes, this happened to me about a week ago. I decided to get a lot of piled up ironing done. Not a good idea! Just feeling a bit better this week. I was back down again. The other foot with the bunionectomy hurts as badly as the PF release one. Been really hard as my husband has been my only help and he is gone all day of course. No car either and no one around to call on. Maybe it's ok to get both feet done at same time to get it over with; but don't think I would do it again in my case. The month before the surgery May 28, '04, I had a cataract operation and am now soon to have the other eye done. It has been extremely hard to keep depression away.

Re: for Dee C

christyw on 9/01/04 at 16:32 (159110)

Hey Dee,
Sorry to hear about everything. I couldn't imagine having all of that done. I get depressed staying home with nothing to do also. You need to take it easy. I know that's hard to do because a woman usually does all of the housework.

Take it easy


Re: PF surgery in May...terrible pain now

BudP on 9/02/04 at 00:55 (159134)

I had EPF 9 months ago. I took it easy for about 3 months. It sounds like you just might be over using the foot. Give it a break for awhile. A couple times I felt the the area of the PF pain starting to act up and I just took it easy. I seem to be pain free of the PF right now and I'm walking close to 4 miles a day. Sometimes at night when I'm almost a sleep I feel a little electric like tickling and I think uh oh.But in the AM it's ok. When I first got PF that's what I use to feel,eventially it became PF and 2 1/2 years of misery. Listen to your feet that's what someone on this board told me. I think it was a lady named Julie. That may have been the best advice I've gotten on this board. Take care, Bud

Re: for Dee C

Kristie on 9/02/04 at 08:16 (159141)


I'm so sorry to hear about all your surgeries and pain. I hope that you wil be able to get through it with your husbands and friends help. Your husband sounds like a great guy. The good news is when this is all done your going to be 'The new and improved Dee.' The six million dollar woman has nothing on you.

Thought you could use a laugh.

Re: PF surgery in May...terrible pain now

Kristie on 9/02/04 at 08:18 (159142)

Thanks Bud,
I think you absolutly right. I saw the doctor yesterday.She put me on Bextra and told me to do limited activies for two weeks. I'm really hoping this will help.

Re: for Dee C

Dee C on 9/02/04 at 14:47 (159167)

Kristie, you are right!! Thanks for the laugh!