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New kind of New Balance Sneakers

Posted by Linda V. on 8/31/04 at 17:47 (159060)

I love my NB 879 (now 880) and went to my shoe store to get some in a larger size since i have a vacation to florida planned and i KNOW my feet always swell a bit down there. The very knowledgable sales clerk pointed me towards NB 815's which he said were not available the last time i was there (may)..they have a full HIGH arch support. they feel GREAT by themselves...even better with my superfeet. I think i made a mistake getting fitted for orthotics by an unlicensed person who did it without a prescription. (yes, you warned me to run from him)...i will have to clip a whole lot of coupons to make up for the 300.00 i spent for those....

Re: New kind of New Balance Sneakers

Ed Davis, DPM on 9/01/04 at 15:26 (159103)

I have a libertarian streak but it takes a certain knowledge base to fit a prescription device properly. I hear this from two ends -- my wife, an audiologist seeing hearing aids (expensive items) fit by non-audiologists with minimal training and the plethora of people claiming to provide prescription orthotics. The thing that bothers me more that the schlockmeisters out there are the licensed practitioners who somehow feel that they must compete with those individuals by lessening the quality of their own services or products -- they should be doing the opposite and educating the public.