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Posted by Kathy G on 9/01/04 at 09:44 (159088)

Did you get rid of your bat?

Re: Marie

john h on 9/02/04 at 15:07 (159173)

Marie may have been bitten and be a bat by now. Keep the garlic handy.

Re: Marie

marie on 9/02/04 at 18:10 (159189)

WE haven't found the little bugger and haven't seen him since. But our house is big and full of all kinds of hiding places. It did prompt my hubby to cleaning out the basement....as that's were we think he went.

The old victorian next store hasn't been lived in in years....they had around 90 or so in the basement and walls. It's a museum and no one was ever there at night so we had no clue. Until one night I was working late getting the museum decorated for Christmas and it started....this awful eeeeekkkkiiing. It echoed through that old house. I couldn't tell were they were at. I ran out and looked around the side of the house and 4 bats boom boom boom hit me in the face as they were coming out. About 90 all together.

They were swooping all around me grabbing up every bug in sight. Just then I spotted something out of the corner of my eye over my left shoulder and I jumped...but it was just a big black bug. As soon as I sighed with relief boom a bat flew over my shoulder and nailed that bug. I screamed loud and ran home...of course I stepped in some dog pooh slipped and fell on my butt on the way but I bounced back up and kept goin. It took years to rid that old house of bats. I'm just hoping they haven't started looking for a new place.

John....if I catch that stinky flying rodent I'll send him to you. That way he can bite you...and then you send him to the next person from hs. We'll all be vampires.....the first on line vampires. Do you suppose it'll cure our feet?