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biomechanical: overpronation

Posted by lisa71 on 9/01/04 at 18:11 (159113)

What do these two words mean? My doc said I overpronate (walk on the inside of my heel). I have heard that my PF might be caused by a biomechanical problem What do people mean by that. Thanks for you help.

Re: biomechanical: overpronation

Julie on 9/02/04 at 02:12 (159138)

Lisa, it means what your doctor said it means. Biomechanical refers to your mechanics, i.e. the way you walk. Pronation is the natural rolling-in movement of the foot after the heel strikes the ground. Overpronation is an exaggeration of that natural movement, and it can cause various problems, including PF, because it stresses the plantar fascia with every step. Orthoses are prescribed to correct this, and place the foot in a better position, biomechanically speaking. When orthoses do not work, it is probably because they have not been correctly casted, or correctly made.