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question about night splints

Posted by Linda V. on 9/01/04 at 23:16 (159131)

not sure whether or not i will try a pair, but was wondering how long it takes to get them on and off? reason being, my pea sized bladder wakes me up 2 or 3 times a night, and then its GOTTA GO< GOTTA GO: GOTTA GO RIGHT NOW!!! am i going to have time? and will i be waking my hubby ripping velcro strips?? thanks, linda

Re: question about night splints

Lana R on 9/02/04 at 01:35 (159135)

I just left it on and used crutches to get back and forth to the bathroom at night.

Re: question about night splints

francesc on 9/02/04 at 18:37 (159191)

i don't take it off. i just leave it on and hobble over to the bathroom. our bedroom is carpeted so it's not too bad. i just try not to put weight on it.

Re: question about night splints

Linda V. on 9/02/04 at 21:32 (159195)

i have it in both feet..so would have double trouble...

Re: question about night splints

phil on 9/03/04 at 07:54 (159211)

it really doesnt take long to take them off, you get faster as you get used to it. but it is kindof a pain if youre sleepy.

Re: question about night splints

Rose on 9/06/04 at 22:26 (159463)

I waer the removable cast (boot) to bed. It does the trick, and to me is much more confortable than the night splint. When I wake up there is no first step pain at all when I wear it.