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Stree fracture

Posted by Kristie on 9/02/04 at 15:45 (159175)

What are stress fractures? Would you know right away that you broke your foot. My heel still hurts alot as well as the top of my foot. THe srch still feels very tight and I just had a foot massage.

Thanks for the info

Re: Stree fracture

Pauline on 9/02/04 at 16:37 (159179)

Just a few posts ago you said you had seen your doctor and she put your fears to rest. You felt comfortable with her diagnosis and now you seem to be second guessing her.

When in pain or with any illness it's very easy to begin to think all sort of things and conditions are happening and you know it's very possible that they might be, but what the patient needs to do is keep good communication with their doctor, see them if necessary again and again if necessary and go for a second opinion if things continue to get worse.

You could drive yourself nuts with worry reading every post and applying someone elses diagnosis to your pain.

If you still have doubts, I'd call your doctor back and go in for xrays. Tell her your fears and see what she tells you. You can even tell her you'd feel better if she took another set of xrays to make certain you have no broken bones. Her responsibility didn't stop when you left the operating room. Talk to her.

Worry never helped anything that I know of especially illness. What you need is confidence in your doctor, reassurance from her that everything is alright even if that means another office trip, xrays or anything else necessary to renew your faith that everything is alright.

If I were you right now, depending on the time zone, I would call her office and ask her to return a call. Then tell her your condition and emphasize again the amount of pain your in. If its a 12 on a scale of 10 she needs to know that. Also tell her your fears about having a broken bone, and ask her questions about what you've read on this board and think may be your problem. Tell her up front what would make you feel better, another office visit, a new set of xrays, what ever you want checked out and then relax.

Your next option is to get a second opinion from another doctor out of her practice. Gather up your medical record, xrays and see someone else and the third is to go to the ER. There you will get xrays there today.

I'd like to see you take control, ask your doctor all and any questions you need answered that will reassure you that you are ok and if that isn't possible seek help with another one. Empowering yourself produces better results than worry.

Re: Stree fracture

Dr. Z on 9/02/04 at 16:55 (159181)

A stress fracture would have ALOT swelling, pain that comes on for no reason at all except that you have been on your feet alot. They use to call them march fractures because soldiers would march 20 miles and the next day couldn't walk. IF you have any doubts have your foot specialist examine you and order some addtional testing.