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crooked toes

Posted by skys_mamacita on 9/02/04 at 21:40 (159198)

my toes are rather crooked. can i fix them by havinf surgery? if so who would i call?

Re: crooked toes

Pauline on 9/03/04 at 12:47 (159234)

If you're planing surgery strictly for cosmetic reasons, I'd suggest you read about all the failed surgeries and complication that went with them on the surgical board and then decide if you really want to have surgery.

On the other hand,if you're experiencing walking difficulty, lots of foot pain and other foot problems attributed to the fact that your toes are deformed then maybe surgery is warranted. No surgery should be taken lightly so you may need more than one opinion to help you decide on a doctor and the procedure that will be used.

Both Orthopedic M.D. or D.O.'s who specialize in Foot and Ankle surgery along with Podiatrist can help you decide if you really need surgery by doing a complete evualation and history of your condition.

Here are a couple of links to help you find a doctor in the states if that is where you live.



Best of luck with your decision.