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stretching is my 'cure' for plantar fascitis

Posted by luxe on 9/03/04 at 09:49 (159216)

I have bone spurs on X-ray...and I don't have pain as long as I stretch
out the calf muscles, and generally stay more flexible. If I let my
flexibility decrease everything pulls on that poor plantar fascitis
and I get excruciating pain. And it is predictable pain which I'm
figuring out how to avoid. When I first get out of bed (after lying still all night) I'll have pain when I put my heel on the floor. BUT if I do stretching exercises while lying in bed such as
pull my toes in towards me (flex my feet) several times I don't have the pain.

Also if I'm sitting at the desk for hours on end without moving to
much I KNOW I'll have pain when I stand up. BUT if I flex and point
my toes several times while sitting there, and especially before I
stand up I can avoid the pain.

Soccer is another story and is the thing that brought the whole pain issue to a head for me. All the running causes a person to really
tighten up. I've been playing soccer for 4 years now. Sure I do a lap
or two around the field and a few stretches to warm up, but I'm
realizing it isn't enough, especially as I age. After the game I
would come home with my legs tight as a rubber band and it would
almost be to painful at that point to get a good stretch. (and the heel would ache and ache and ache). I believe that lack of flexibility is
what caused the pull on the plantar fascitis that started this whole
cycle of pain. BUT I'm learning ways to avoid the pain after the
games too. And that 'cure' is lots and lots of carefully controlled dynamic stretching
before. (such as I do with the pilates workout). Pilates is making me feel so much more limber and not just in my legs but all over my body. It was only a matter of time before something else started aching if I hadn't moved to a more balanced exercise regime that stretched
all those muscles I kept tightening with the running. A hamstring
might have pulled or a quad give way. (all common soccer injuries).

Anyone doing yoga or pilates or any similar exercise where one is
stretching and improving flexibility will generally feel better all
over. I am doing pilates exercise tapes every second day now and find it addicting as it makes me feel SO GOOD. My mother, in her 70s, does yoga and she said it is the same with her. It is tough at first but gets easier and easier...and if it prevents me from getting heel pain then I'll do it!

Also flat shoes help me too as one doesn't want the foot forward on
the toes. That puts pressure on the poor plantar fascitis

So that's my 'cure' for my brand of heel pain. Lots of stretching.
I still have my spurs but if they were the cause of my pain I'd still
be hurting despite the stretching. (email removed)