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tarsal tunnel surgery question?

Posted by Tom M. on 9/03/04 at 09:50 (159217)

My orthopedic doc doesn't do the procedure that dr dellon does, should i be concerned that i might have entrapment somewhere else?

Re: tarsal tunnel surgery question?

Pauline on 9/03/04 at 11:07 (159228)

I'm not a doctor but there doesn't seem to be any history posted from you about your condition so I think providing you with an accurate answer at best would be a guess on anyone part just from your above statement.

My suggestion is that you do your homework ahead of time and read all you can about both procedures. You may even want to see Dr. Dellon if you haven't for a second opinion and ask about other entrapements as one of your concerns.

We seem to read a lot of posts about unsuccessful TTS surgery so you'd want the best chance that you can get. Personally I think the more you read medical abstracts and learn about the different procedures and the more opinions you get prior to having it done the better. Post on the TTS site too.

Its always been my opinion to find out all you can before you sign for surgery. You need confidence and reassurance on this one by someone you trust and who has examined and evaluated your condition. Remember KNOW BEFORE YOU GO.

Re: tarsal tunnel surgery question?

Ed Davis, DPM on 9/03/04 at 12:53 (159235)

A very thorough nerve conduction velocity test should be done to better pinpoint the areas of entrapment -- not all testors are equal on this.
I teach my podiatric surgical residents Dellon's technique with the exception of the step in which Dellon teases apart any adhesions in the nerve itself-- that is Dellon and Dellon only to the best of my knowledge.