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has anybody experienced with DMSO ?

Posted by mike10570 on 9/03/04 at 21:00 (159259)

Has anybody tried DMSO with success? I recently read a book on DMSO. It claims that DMSO has been used in other countries with great success. But DMSO has not been approved in this country.

Re: has anybody experienced with DMSO ?

Buck T. on 9/04/04 at 15:34 (159312)

Hi Mike: Tried DMSO on flareups without success. But maybe I should try it for maintenance. Mine came from feed store and had to say I was buying it for my animals -- even though clerk smiled and probably knew better.

Sincerely, Buck

Re: has anybody experienced with DMSO ?

Janice N on 9/06/04 at 06:45 (159403)

I tried this for muscle pain last yr. Don't remember if it made it to my feet. Smells worse than locker room feet. haha
I bought B12 one time from the feed store. Checked with a vet first. It was much cheaper than the drugstore in the injectable form and a whole lot cheaper than a shot of it at the drs office.
Remember when everyone was buying the shampoo and conditioner from the feed stores? Now it is sold everywhere. My neice swore by the huff cream for her hands.

Re: has anybody experienced with DMSO ?

BrianG on 9/08/04 at 11:22 (159557)

Hi Mike,

I've used DMSO on my heels for months, usually with some other type of topical. It hasn't seemed to help, but I still believe that it might, if I get the right combination. I got mine over the Net, it was not expensive at all. Try to buy some that is 99.9% pure. Mine was distributed by FWI, of Tulsa, OK, but I have no idea if they are still around.

It's potent stuff, and you have to make sure the area you are applying it to, is clean. I used a sandwich baggie on my finger to apply it, then tossed it away. It was cheap enough protection.

Good luck
BrianG, not a doc

Re: has anybody experienced with DMSO ?

June on 3/28/06 at 22:30 (196415)

anyone still trying to locate 'FWI' the company you can find their product at http://www.DMSO.Com I've used DMSO off and on for muscle pain after working out and have had success with it.

Re: has anybody experienced with DMSO ?

mike on 9/01/06 at 05:44 (208960)

Not used it, but the store I work at sells it and we've had three or four people tell us what it's used for, mostly pain in animals. Didn't know about the protection for putting it on either. The type we have is from FWI, and I'm still looking for them. Any and all intelligent response welcome.


Re: has anybody experienced with DMSO ?

Ralph on 9/01/06 at 11:45 (208990)

Use Scott's search tab and type in DMSO. I think you will find reference to it from others.

Re: has anybody experienced with DMSO ?

Gene A on 6/15/07 at 15:40 (231619)

I have been using DMSO for a bad back, muscle cramps in the legs and other parts of my anatomy for years. I am 75 years young and continue doing things a 35 year old does. Was doing handsprings until 68 years. Without DMSO I could not attain this pace.
I have discontinued Golf several years ago to preserve my back and if it does flair up DSMO is immmediately used with wonderful relief.

Whoever reads this testimony do yourself a real favor and purchase some DMSO, you will give thanks for your decision.

Re: has anybody experienced with DMSO ?

2 willows on 10/01/07 at 15:05 (237016)

I use DMSO from FWI, Tulsa, OK for 'tennis elbo' with success. Don't give up on DMSO. There are several grades of DMSO you can purchase. Look at the 'gaylordchemical.com' site for more info. They sell pharmaceutical grade. That may be what you should try. I don't believe FWI's product is pharm. grade.

Re: has anybody experienced with DMSO ?

Bill D on 10/15/07 at 17:58 (237824)

Has anyone used DMSO for Colitis? If so, how long does it take to relieve irritation in the colon, do you have to use it even when you are in remission and are there any long term side effects?

Re: has anybody experienced with DMSO ?

corkie p on 3/09/08 at 21:19 (244337)

My dad is taking DMSO liquid 2 tsp every morning. His mind and body has improved 150%. He left the hospital to go home to die in October. He was mentally and physically near death. He is 88 years old and is walking, talking, bascially taking care of himself. With GOD's help and DMSO I got my dad back.

Re: has anybody experienced with DMSO ?

Susan W. on 11/04/08 at 03:08 (251796)

I have been using it on my ligaments off and on for about 6 months. It speeds the healing, but of course if you do not want to resprain the area, you must change what you are doing. I have used it over a knee replacement, a bad elbow and a sprained lower back. It does help. I also use it around my wrists. I dilute it with hand lotion so it does not sting. Then I was my hands. The DMSO will be absorbed with the lotion, it just slows the rate and does not sting. I have been currently using it about 3X a day. When I am less busy I will probably not use so much. It is off and on.

Good Luck. Read the FWI DMSO website spec sheet for the specifics about use. And asorbtion. Susan


Randy on 11/23/08 at 11:36 (252543)

OSHA says that butyl rubber gloves are approved for application(begause they are impermeable to the solvent properties of DMSO}...definitely do not use 'sandwich baggies', because DMSO is such a powerful solvent, it will dissolve the plastic and then carry it across your skin into your bloodstream. Read up DMSO before using...it definitely gives me pain relief for foot, neck, shoulder applications...I have used the FWI gel from the feed store...just as pure as the expensive stuff from online/ health food stores...it is sold in feed stores because it is widely(and safely) used on horses.

Re: has anybody experienced with DMSO ?

gatorman on 2/04/09 at 01:45 (254753)

I have used this stuff for years. It is great. I do not have the garlic smell problem. I used it on sore muscles or sprains. I used it for muscle pain. I use it for a toothache. I applied it to my gums and out side on my jaw. Usually when applying to my body, I wait about 20-30 minutes then take a shower. By that time, the DMSO has done its job. Some people get the garlic taste and or smell. I do not. My Dr recommends it as well as a brother in law who is a vet. His grandma used it for years on her knees. She was still walking miles in her ninety s. If you get an itching or redness, cut it with distilled water 50%. Plenty of info on the net. FWI is the one i use from the feed store. really cheap and last a long time

Re: has anybody experienced with DMSO ?

Ryan on 2/04/09 at 06:43 (254755)

How do you know how much to use? Have you used it for PF? Please respond on the PF page. Always thought this was just for animals.
Appreciate hearing more.