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heel pain, but not bottom of heel. Is on back of left heel and right side.

Posted by Ruth S. on 9/04/04 at 10:13 (159277)

I have pain, mainly in my right foot, but a little beginning in my left foot. This pain is not on the bottom of my foot, rather it seems to be in the back of my foot ( hamstring?) and on the right side of my foot. Actually, the left side also is sore sometimes, but not to the degree of the other areas. This has been present for about a year, but I have a notion the I have had it to a lesser extent before that. The left side of my might foot is swollen. I have had the foot X-rayed recently. The podiatrist says that I have alot of calcium deposits in my heel. He has me wear a stretchy sock that has a pad with mineral oil in it that is supposed to ease the pain. It does help sometimes. I also use joint-ritis on my heel. I take glucosamine and chondroitin by mouth. I am not overweight - 5'6 1/2 inches tall, weight 134. Have lost a couple of lbs. since last week when I last weighed at the clinic, so probably 132. I am presently on a celiac diet. Have not been diagnosed, but am trying it to address digestion problems I have had since childhood. I am now 76. My podiatrist has recommended Comfort shoes, or Easy Spirit shoes. I live at a distance from stores where I can be fitted. Will try this next week to get to one of them in Mankato, Mn. However, I notice that people who post to this site name other brands. My podiatrist also has taped my foot. The first taping helped, but the second one I found impossible to keep on.
My right foot seems to be somewhat smaller and shaped differently from my left foot. A shoe that fits my left foot leaves space in the heel of my right foot. At present I am placing a thick shoulder pad in the space in my right shoe. I do alot of walking. Have a regular walking routine in my house which takes a little under an hour to complete. I do this walking in four separate time periods. Often my foot will be sore to start with and ease up as I walk, then get sore again. When I walk in the house I use thick soled houseslippers with my professional orthotics. No shoulder pad. Outdoors I walk a total of a mile to and from the school where I do tutoring. I am currently wearing a pair of SAS shoes that I have worn for several seasons. I have had X-rays that showed calcifcation in other parts of my body as well.