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Both Feet Pain maybe not PF

Posted by Cyndi on 9/04/04 at 13:50 (159299)

I finally had my second nerve test and thank goodness. The first one was only with electrodes up to my knees and showed all ok. I continued to have pain on both feet in arch area with no Am pain so was called atypical.I finally got so bad I could not wear the New Balance shoes with the orthodics still tingling and buzzing in both feet so better in sandels around the house. I have had this since February and now my second nerve test which included the needles to my back showed a Back nerve problem. I go back to the neurologist who gave me the test Tuesday to find out what can be done. My Pod signed me off to him. Now I wonder if when I was working as a grocery cashier standing unlevel with a boot cast on caused this? I broke my leg on Thanksgiving Day 2003 and wore a boot cast till leg was healed. Dr said I could stand on it and continue working, But, Now I wonder if that was best.
This does prove the Mind-Body Prescription book can show pain elsewhere from the actual injury, but, it sure is not imagined pain.
If no real showing of PF , please see a neurologist also to see if the back nerve could be involved. I am sure glad the Ossatron was not available here and jumped to that because it sure would not have helped.
I do not think the CryoSurgery made it worse, just more sore.