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Calling fellow Mac-users

Posted by Julie on 9/07/04 at 09:28 (159480)

I've been getting a lot of Spyware lately, and it's affecting the speed of my computer.

I was advised to download Spypot, but when I tried with Internet Explorer 5.5, it told me it couldn't handle it. I tried again with Safari, and download was successful, but when I tried to open the icon I my computer told that 'there is no default application'. When asked to choose an application, I clicked OK, but no choices came up and the window disappeared. I am only marginally computer-literate, so I am probably doing something stupid, but can anyone tell me what?

Does Spybot not work for Mac? If so, does anyone have any other suggestions? Many thanks in advance.

I am also getting stuck when I try to update my Norton Antivirus subscription, but that's another story. I don't want to overload anyone.

Re: Calling fellow Mac-users

Ed Davis, DPM on 9/07/04 at 09:32 (159481)

Try some alternate browzers like Mozilla which are free and may be less targeted than IE. A lot of Spyware programs out there though...
Also, if you use IE, go to version 6.0 - it is a download that may not cost anything.

Re: Calling fellow Mac-users

john h on 9/07/04 at 11:19 (159489)

Ed: Julie does not have to worry about Spy Ware very much since she uses a MAC.

Re: Calling fellow Mac-users

john h on 9/07/04 at 11:20 (159490)

Julie: There are some programs that can combat Spyware.

Re: Calling fellow Mac-users

john h on 9/07/04 at 11:22 (159491)

Sounds like Spyspot is a Windows program Julie.

Re: Calling fellow Mac-users

john h on 9/07/04 at 11:36 (159492)

Julie: Internet Cleanup 2.0 is an anti spyware program for Mac. It also does many other things. You need to bookmark this.


You can look up any Mac program and download all updates from this site. Since Spyware is not listed you can assume it is not a Mac program. Take a look at your Preferences/File Sharing. In most cases you should have this turned off. Pop-Up Zapper is a great program for stopping all those pop up banners. You can find it on versiontracker.com

What is wrong with you Norton Program? when you get to version tracker there is a place to access Forums. It covers any thing you want to know about any program in Mac. They have a special forum on Norton and there are people from the manufacturer as well as thousands who will answer your questions about Macs.

Re: Calling fellow Mac-users

john h on 9/07/04 at 11:42 (159493)

Julie: Here is the Mac forum board. You can get an answer to almost anything. Manufactures also have reps on this board. Great site that has solved many problems for me. Please note there is a special site for Norton problems on this board.


Re: Calling fellow Mac-users

Ed Davis, DPM on 9/07/04 at 11:58 (159495)

I know there are less viruses written for Mac but was not aware of there being less spyware. I clean a lot out of my computer every time I shut down using x-Block. Aiso, if one has high speed (always on) internet connection, turn your computer off when not using it for any extended period of time -- one cannot invade a computer that is off- without exception. Spyware is certainly not meant to be malicious as it is there to track one's purchases and habits but it is intrusive, an ivasion of privacy and slows down one's computing speed.

Re: Calling fellow Mac-users

marie on 9/07/04 at 20:01 (159524)

After I updated my Norton anti-virus software I've not had a single problem. Also Ed's advice on Mozilla is correct. I tried it and rarely go on explorer anymore.


Re: Wish I had a Mac

Pete on 9/08/04 at 03:55 (159545)

because Windows is a pain with viruses and Spyware. I have Norton and Spysweeper and still the Trojans get through. Currently I have no e mail and cannot load Media player. Also cannot access all internet sites. All cois of a Trojan virus. What a pain !!

Re: Calling fellow Mac-users

Julie on 9/08/04 at 06:55 (159548)

Thanks very much, Ed, John, and Marie for your advice.

John, I will go to the forum and see if I can sort myself out there. If you don't mind, I'll email you with my Norton problem.

Ed, I'm glad to have this explanation of Spyware. It's reassuring to a degree to know it's not malicious, but it sure causes slowdown. I'm definitely guilty of keeping my connection open almost all the time, since I switched to broadband. I'll have to be more careful.

Marie: I downloaded Mozilla, but then couldn't open it. Any suggestions?

Thanks all,


Re: Calling fellow Mac-users

john h on 9/08/04 at 12:02 (159562)

Julie: Have you ever tried Safari as it is designed for the MAC and according to all data is the fastest of all browsers for a MAC. It is free.

Re: Calling fellow Mac-users

Julie on 9/08/04 at 15:17 (159571)


I downloaded Safari when prompted to as soon as I got my new (now almost two years old) iMac. I use it now and then, but still, out of habit, use IE for preference. I think I should make Safari my browser of choice! It IS faster. Do you use it?

Re: Calling fellow Mac-users

john h on 9/08/04 at 18:35 (159574)

Julie I use both Safari and IE. Safari is faster. Mac World magazine ran some test on all the browsers and Safari was the fastest and it is clearly in my personal experience. I on occasion find some site that will not open on IE that will open with Safari. Do not understand why. I still use them both depending on how I feel. There is a free program that will sync your bookmarks so you never have to worry about transferring your bookmarks. I also find that someday IE will be slower than other days. I can switch to Safari and my speed picks up significantly. I think we get very familiar with a browser like IE and are reluctant to switch and of course Microsoft loads it on nearly all computers. I still like IE but now use Safari about 50% of the time.

Re: Calling fellow Mac-users

Julie on 9/09/04 at 03:33 (159580)

Exactly my experience, John. I am going to try to wean myself away from IE and use Safari more. It really is much faster - I too have noticed that at times when IE is slow, if I switch to Safari it is much faster.

What is the programme that will synch the bookmarks? Can you give me a link? That's actually my main reason for clinging to IE, but if I could synch them....


Re: Calling fellow Mac-users

Julie on 9/09/04 at 03:50 (159581)

I have just successfully installed Mozilla. Seems good!

Re: Calling fellow Mac-users

john h on 9/09/04 at 12:00 (159604)

Julie: The program that will sync your bookmarks between browsers is 'Bookit'. You can download it from http://www.versontracker.com
It is simple to use.

Re: Calling fellow Mac-users

john h on 9/09/04 at 13:03 (159610)

Julie: As usual I spelled the URL wrong! it should be http://www.versiontracker.com

I just looked and you can download 'bookit' from there.

Re: Calling fellow Mac-users

Julie on 9/09/04 at 16:21 (159615)

Thanks very much, John - I'll look into it.

Re: Wish I had a Mac

marie on 9/09/04 at 20:46 (159620)

Hi Pete,

I browse almost exclusively on Mozilla now. Go to their site and download Foxfire. http://www.mozilla.org/

It works...it's almost unreal how well it works. Dr. Ed was the first to suggest it and then when my son also suggested I thought I have nothing to loose. WOW what a difference. No pop ups no anything. It's fabulous.


Re: Try browsing on Mozilla http://www.mozilla.org/

marie on 9/09/04 at 20:49 (159621)